Master of
Corporate Law & Governance (ODL)

Veritas University College



Malaysian Legal System  

This module provides you with an overall understanding of central institutions within the Malaysian Legal System. It also demonstrates an appreciation and understanding of the Malaysian Federal Constitution through the study and historical context behind it, with significant references to case laws and relevant legislations. 

Master Project  

This module will help you develop your research skills, pertaining to the choice of a socially and scientifically relevant research subject, the systematic collection and analysis of relevant literature on this subject, and the formulation of a research question. You will also gain an understanding of interdisciplinary theoretical approaches and knowledge of existing and possible social interventions. 

Research Methodology  

This module discusses the process of knowledge creation with an emphasis on the production of scientific knowledge. Important building blocks in this process are frames of reference, scientific ideals, problem formulation, scientific approaches and methods for data collection and analysis.


Lawyer’s Skills

This subject focusses on developing your professional skills, which are not only fundamental for a career in legal practice but are transferable to other professional environments and work situations. It also provides you with practical tools for handling the pressures of legal practice consistently with your ethical and professional responsibilities.  

Strategic Management

In this module, you will cover the elements, processes and techniques involved in the development and implementation of organisational strategy. You will learn how leadership and management teams play an important role in ensuring that strategy fits the organisational purpose, is acceptable in terms of risk, and is consistent with good governance as well as with stakeholder requirements and concerns. 

Interpreting Financial and Accounting Information

This module enhances your knowledge of finance and accounting, enabling you to interpret financial and accounting information to provide advice to a board, or a similar decision-making body, to boost strategy development and/or decision-making. 

Corporate Law

This module provides you with the knowledge and understanding of the legal framework governing certain business organisations, with particular focus on registered companies. You will also learn relevant corporate governance principles and the relationship between company law and corporate governance. 

Intellectual Property Practice

You will study intellectual property frameworks in a Malaysian context, critically analyse the advanced issues of copyright practice in Malaysia, and learn to provide clients with advice on advanced issues in trademark and industrial designs practice. You will also explore intellectual property frameworks in the Malaysian context.

Risk Management

This module will develop and extend your understanding of risk management. This includes how risk management links to compliance management and complements effective corporate governance in organisations. You will also learn about the people, processes and techniques that can be used to ensure the effective assessment, monitoring and control of risk at all levels of an organisation. 

Corporate Governance

In this module, you will gain advanced knowledge and the key skills necessary to advice a board and other stakeholders on best practices in corporate governance. 

Employment Law

If you plan to specialise in employment and labour law matters, this elective module is ideal for you. The topics you will cover in this module include the requirements of Employment Laws in Malaysia and their relative application at work. 

Boardroom Dynamics

You will gain the advanced knowledge and skills required to support boardroom performance, by enabling effective individual behaviours and group processes. You will also learn what boards and company secretaries/governance professionals can do differently and how they can influence and effect change within the remit of their role. 

Commercial Contracts Practice

This module will develop your knowledge and skills to draft effective, readable, non-ambiguous commercial contracts. 

Mergers and Acquisition Practice

This practical module will give you a specialised and integrated understanding of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) practice in Malaysia. You will learn to examine good operating practices and consider key issues when planning and executing M&A transactions. Topics you will cover include planning acquisitions in Malaysia, origins and opportunities for M&A practice in Malaysia, advanced due diligence issues, as well as laws, regulations and governance in Malaysian M&A practice. 

Banking and Finance Practice

In this module, you will cover the regulatory frameworks of banking and finance, lending and security, loan recovery, enforcement of security, and debt capital markets in Malaysia. 

Islamic Banking and Finance Practice

This module covers the recent turbulence in the global financial markets which has drawn attention to an alternative system of financial intermediation: Islamic banking and finance. You will learn about the regulatory frameworks of Islamic banking and finance practices, lending and security, loan recovery, enforcement of security, and debt capital markets in Malaysia. 

Corporate Secretarial Practice

This module prepares you for practice as a company secretary/governance professional, ensuring the ability to direct a company on good governance principles and regulations of the jurisdiction in which it operates.