Next Gen

There will be more change in the next 20 years than there was in the past 300 and you will need more than just a degree to secure a good job and build a successful career. Employers around the world are looking for holistically educated graduates with skills and knowledge that would empower them to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving job market. It is with this fact that we developed our Learn Different philosophy. “Learn Different” which we have put into practice, brings a paradigm and transformative change to the way education is delivered to every student who walks through our corridors.

LEARN DIFFERENT is the ultimate holistic education experience designed to prepare our graduates by future-proofing them to meet the challenges of tomorrow. It is built on the 4 pillars comprising LEARN, PLAY, WORK, and IMPACT. Each pillar brings its own experiences and has been embedded into our curriculum and teaching and learning practices. This enables students to become the best versions of themselves and to own their future.

1. Learn

The first pillar focuses on revolutionising the academic and learning aspects of your student experience. Under Learn, we offer unlimited access to digital resources, exclusive use of our hybrid campus, the ability to earn micro-credentials from world-class universities and many more exciting methods of learning!

2. Play

But what is college life without Play? BAC Engage (our student engagement arm) offers you a vibrant and diverse student experience with over 250 annual activities and 20 clubs and societies for you to choose from. Alongside our exciting facilities such as MonsterFit gym and The Hub, you’ll never never a dull moment at college.

3. Work

The third pillar focuses on enhancing employability skills, internships, and apprenticeships. With initiatives such as Project Entrepreneur, Project Deep and GradJobs and the Apprenticeship programmes, you can upskill and reskill to remain relevant and network with top notch firms in Malaysia and the region.

4. Impact

Finally, and most importantly, the fourth pillar – Impact – cultivates the notion of giving back to our communities. Over the years, we formed several CSR initiatives such as UPLIFT (Pertubuhan Bangkit), Make It Right Movement and that organised over 1,000 activities and fundraisers to aid disadvantaged and marginalised communities in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal. Our students have always been active participants in these outreach programmes and inspired by the work they’ve accomplished throughout their college life, some of our graduates have even gone on to work in NGOs, CSOs and INGOs.