Nurturing Employability

To shape graduates that are truly future-ready, we at UNIMY encourage our students to build a competitive edge. With a wide range of programmes available, our students have the opportunity to build skills and hone their competitive abilities to set themselves far apart from the rest.

Here are some programmes that UNIMY students have participated in:


R.AGE is an international award-winning, investigative journalism platform based in Malaysia, specialising in short-form multimedia documentaries, and cause-driven media campaigns.

Eight Computer Science and Software Engineering students teamed up with R.AGE to revamp their website, and develop a new mobile application for their readers. The collaboration was tailored to younger generations, in promoting news consumption as part of R.AGE’s focus on using digital platforms to instigate societal change.


Our students participated in the inaugural Hackathon, organised by established local business radio station, BFM. Our students consolidated their resources to design and build Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled smart city applications for the community, The focus was on the urban poor, disabled and homeless. The apps created by our students also focused on helping non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that support these specific groups in Malaysia.


UNIMY students won the inaugural KPMG Cyber Security Challenge 2017. This competition aimed to heighten the awareness of cybersecurity as a profession, and further encourage students to pursue careers as Cyber Security Professionals.


We were honoured to have one of our students win the 5th runner-up prize in the CIMB Data Science Challenge 2017 competition. This annual challenge is open to university students to test participants’ application and knowledge of data preparation and data mining.


The Trailblazing event epitomises how UNIMY students are empowered to design and run strategic engagement events in collaboration with leading industry experts. This programme featured top executives from KPMG, Dell, Celcom Axiata and many more.

Trailblazing is a platform where students get a chance to learn directly and gain valuable insights from these industry experts. The platform is designed, built, and run by students for students.


Disrupt-IT Challenge is an inter-varsity technology and innovation challenge whereby university students across Malaysia are encouraged to ideate, and come up with innovations that provide fresh, meaningful solutions for the benefit of businesses and the society.

The sponsor, Dr Abu Hasan Ismail who is the President/Group CEO and the founder of Prestariang Berhad, envisioned the competition as a motivation to stimulate young minds to think beyond academic life, and to bring about impactful changes to society. The inaugural competition last year was well received with more than 100 participations from 26 institutes of higher learning.