Outcome Based Education

At UNIMY, we practice Outcome-based education (OBE). OBE bases each part of an educational system around specified goals or outcomes. The premise of OBE essentially revolves around students taking ownership of their learning by setting their own clearly defined goals, which are to be achieved by the end of their academic journey.

OBE aims to encourage all learners/students to successfully achieve a certain level of knowledge and ability at the end of their education with UNIMY. Our OBE methodology focuses on measuring student progress, by implementing corrective steps to consistently improve our teaching techniques and assessments, and to encourage student involvement and feedback in their learning.

Each course and programme offered at UNIMY has its own set of Course/Programme Outcomes that our students can base their individual academic goals around. These outcomes are our goals that we hope to achieve with each of our programmes and courses. With an OBE system, we can measure the success of each aspect of our programme to identify which areas of a course may need improvement, or is excelling in its objectives.

Outcome-Based Education is an excellent way to provide constant assessment to both our system of education and our students to ensure that we're always learning and achieving to the best of our capabilities.