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Communications is a great choice. Choosing it as your area of study will be major decision. Before going any further, let’s take a trip of discovery into the world of creative communications and what it will take to excel in it.

You have just sat for the SPM, IGCSE or any other school leaving exam, and need help choosing a Pre-University course? Let us help you...

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The first option starts with enrolling in a Foundation or Pre-U course. IACT College’s Foundation in Media Studies is a 12-month programme that is accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

This is an amazing course that gives you a wider view of studying communications. You will be exposed and taught every different aspect, which includes graphic design to film and video production.

Equipped with a Foundation in Media Studies, you can now enrol for a Communications degree.
You can choose to continue with a 3+0 Degree Programme specialising in Advertising & Design, Media, Journalism, Public Relations, Film Production, or Branding & Digital Marketing. Upon completing, you will be awarded with a prestigious British qualification from the University of Sunderland.

If a real British experience is what you want, you have the option to pursue a UKT (Mass Communications) programme, with the first two years in Malaysia, and the final year to be completed at a partner university of your choice.

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Apart from our Degree programmes, you also have the option to pursue a Diploma.

You will have a wide range of disciplines to choose from - Marketing & Advertising, Graphic Design, Broadcasting & Film, and a general Mass Communication programme.

Upon completion of any one of these diplomas, you will be granted advanced entry into Year 2 of the degree of your choice.

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“Is this diploma to degree pathway the best for me?”
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So if you have read this far, your research will tell you that there are three pathways to a communications degree, each designed to suit the different needs of students like you. We can tell you that your research in obtaining a communications degree is now complete!

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If you require answers to any other questions regarding what subjects you will be studying, or how you will be taught, or why you should take up communications.

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