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You’re at a crucial crossroads in life. Choosing your educational pathway will determine your career prospects and future!

The pressure that comes with making this decision can sometimes be overwhelming. But fret not, we’re here to help! 

Since you’re here, Digital Transformation must be a pathway you’re considering. With the recent technological advancements and the galvanisation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is indeed a very enticing option. But let’s map out an alternative reality to see if it’s the RIGHT option for YOU.

You’re fresh out of high school or Pre-U and you stumble upon digital transformation as a pathway and begin a deep dive into the field. This is where it might get a little confusing. With so many options available, how are you to know which programmes to choose and which qualifications you should obtain? 

As you delve into your research, it all begins to unravel. Firstly, you realise the need to complete a pre-university course before progressing towards a degree in digital transformation. You come upon BAC Education and discover a pathway to kickstart your educational journey.


The first stop on your path would be the Foundation in Arts programme offered by Veritas University College.

This 1 year course will provide you with a solid academic foundation while transitioning from secondary to tertiary education. This Foundation in Arts is a fast track route towards a variety of degrees offered by the BAC Education Group, incorporating modules that will prepare you for learning in this new normal. 

Talk to us if you would like to know more about the Foundation in Arts programme. 

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Fast forward a year and you have another big decision to make-

Do you complete your degree with the Bachelor of Information Technology or the Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons) Digital Transformation? 

Some more research… and you’ll find that these two programmes will lead you to a career in Digital Transfomation but through different routes. 

The BBA (Hons) in Digital Tranformation programme integrates crucial business and digital transformation knowledge.  This course provides a holistic perspective of digital business transformation, exposing you to an understanding of new digital platforms and ecosystems as a central element of new business models, as well as digital leadership skills and how to harness the full potential of digital platforms.

This Industry 4.0-relevant programme enhances your versatility and mobility, allowing you to work across industries. You will meet the increased demand for entrepreneurs who can manage emerging technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence. 

However, if you’d like an IT-related career, then the Bachelor of IT offered by Veritas University College would be your ideal choice. This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of fields across the entire IT industry, such as cloud computing and data analytics, where you can explore the area that fires your imagination and fits your career goals. With this degree, your relevance and mobility, within our digitalised industries, is guaranteed.

These undergraduate degrees are conducted entirely online, enabling you to study from anywhere and at any time!

Talk to us to learn more about our undergraduate courses. 

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Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

After 3 years of dedication and sheer hard work, you are the proud holder of a degree!
Now, you’re at another crossroads – “should I continue with my educational pathway or venture into the working arena?”

If you feel the need to advance your credentials, then let’s move on to the final leg of this alternative reality…

Pursue a Master of Business Administration in Digital Transformation to future proof yourself whilst acquiring the management acumen to ride the wave of change in an increasingly globalised environment.

Taught by a global faculty comprising industry-recognised professionals and leading academics, this postgraduate programme includes i4.0 elements such as Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Cyber Security, and FinTech and leverages modern technology to create a competitive advantage for your organisation. This Master’s programme is locally accredited and globally recognised.

Your journey is now complete!

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This alternative reality depicts the most ideal pathways for you to embark on if you’re interested in pursuing a career in digital transformation.

In the span of four years, you will learn all there is to know about the digital transformation realm, along with the skills required to navigate through this industry in this new normal.