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It’s almost time for the subject you love most. The bell rings, and minutes later, the teacher whose class you would never miss walks into the classroom.

As this teacher starts talking, you remember every world she eloquently articulates, you admire her flare for teaching, you respect her for her patience and empathy, and you simply love how engaging her class is.

This teacher is the very reason you chose to pursue your studies in the field of education, and the fact that you are reading this is because you believe teaching is your calling. 

Let us help you realise your dreams and walk you through the journey of becoming an educator.

So how does one start a career as a teacher?

To teach, you first must have the passion for it, or at least the love to communicate and connect with children. If you have acknowledged that, this profession presents you the opportunity to profoundly impact the lives of children and young learners.

The most common path taken would be to become an early childhood educator. A career in early childhood can be extremely rewarding, providing the opportunity to influence and shape the lives of young children and their families.

Early childhood educators empower children with the skills and capacity to be effective and engaged learners through school and beyond.    

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How can you begin to contribute towards the initial development of young learners?

You have just finished your high school education and you are looking for that right course to kickstart your career as an educator.

The SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia or Malaysian Skills Certificate) in Early Childhood Care and Development Education is a programme that gives you an alternative pathway leading to either a Diploma in Early Childhood Education or Diploma in Special Education (Early Years).

Through this programme, you will develop a fundamental understanding of the various aspects of early childhood education, especially in honing practical skills for various aspects of daily childcare and hands-on support requirements for childcare centres.


Next, a Diploma in Early Childhood Education will be the first step towards realising your aspiration of becoming an early childhood educator. You will be taught to teach children beyond the classroom walls, and engage them with trending technology as they learn and connect with the environment.

You will help a child grow emotionally and psychologically. You will be a child’s mentor and guide, preparing them for elementary school.

In short, the Diploma in Childhood Education will equip you to provide children with strategies that help them develop social and cognitive skills needed to become lifelong learners.

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Every child is different from another, what more a child with special needs.

Special needs is a broad term that is used to describe individuals who need help and support for any kind of disabilities such as physical disabilities, developmental disabilities and learning disabilities.

Today there is a growing demand for educators for children with special needs. A teacher who attends to children with special needs will need to possess the right qualities – calm in nature, highly intuitive, creative, patient, even-tempered, and a good sense of humour, among others. 

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To teach children with special needs, you must genuinely love your job of imparting wisdom to them, and to be able to bring out the best in them.

Are you that person? If your answer was a definite yes, the Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) is designed to mold educators for young children with special needs.

This programme believes in the potential of every child.

If you are dedicated to becoming a teacher who will work through challenges and keep going, willing to find multiple ways to teach and reach out to students with varied needs and learning styles, and find opportunities to laugh and have fun while creating a cheerful environment for students, you have the traits of a special needs educator.

If you would like to know more about any of these courses, speak to us.

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The ever-growing need for early childhood education calls for more educators to be well-trained in the science of the profession and the art of providing effective governance in the field.
Now, you probably are looking at teaching as an option, or you already are in the profession.

You may be a teacher, school principal, or college lecturer who is looking for career progression in the education sector. Then, postgraduate study is what you are looking at.

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You can opt to do a Master of Education. A masters degree in education will offer you career-specific opportunities in the field, and will open avenues to managerial positions.

You will have the opportunity to undertake research to improve educational practices and standards, or offer support to learners of different ages.

This 18-month programme is designed to meet the growing global demand for dynamic and critically thinking educationalists.

Spearheaded by an outstanding faculty, this fully MQA accredited curriculum, is industry driven and delivers the philosophical, sociological, and psychological foundations of educational practice to meet the diverse educational needs.

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Alternatively, you can pursue the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching & Learning.

This programme is designed for those with a Bachelor’s Degree in any field, to obtain a professional teaching qualification.

You will be taught by recognized field-experts, and will have knowledge on current trends and issues in education, apart from developing practical skills essential in today’s growing demand of integrated learning.

Another pathway you may choose is the PhD in Education. If you are looking to augment your knowledge and skills through the exploration of the potential futures of academia, this 3-year programme will be ideal for an aspiring educator like you.

You will engage in different areas of concentrations, and will be equipped with a deeper understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects applicable to education and multiple industries.

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Are you ready to unlock opportunities for entry into the profession and gain invaluable qualification to fast track your career advancement in both the private and public sector of the education industry?

Talk to us to know more about pursuing postgraduate studies in the field of education.

Education provides stability in life, and is the key to success, and the ability to impart life lessons to the younger generation is a much greater tool as it paves the path to their future. 

You hold the key to nurturing minds in the new normal.