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Welcome! You’ve landed here which probably means you’re considering law as a potential career option. This is going to be the biggest decision of your life! So, to help you on your way, let’s map out an alternative reality, where you are a law student navigating through the realms of law school and beyond. 

You’re at a crossroads, having to decide on a pathway for your future. You stumble upon law as an option and begin a deep dive into the profession and how you’d grow as a law student. 

Say your research has worked - you’re convinced that law is indeed the pathway for you. Now, you have to figure out the best route to achieving a law degree. This is where it might get a little confusing. With so many options available, how are you to know which programmes to choose and which qualifications you should obtain? 

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You advance your research and it all begins to unravel. Firstly, you realise the need to complete a pre-university course before progressing towards a law degree. You come upon BAC Education and discover there are two options to kickstart your legal journey – a Foundation in Law or ‘A’ Levels Arts. 

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Fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifying Agency, the BAC Foundation in Law programme provides you with a solid grounding in core legal subjects. Completing this one-year course will ensure a smooth transition into either the UK Transfer Law Degree programme or the University of London Law Degree programme. This Foundation in Law is recognised as an entry requirement for the Certificate in Legal Practice and will also provide you access to a range of universities in the UK and Malaysia. Examinations and assessments are holistic in nature, equipping you with all the relevant knowledge and skills to navigate a three-year degree course. 

Alternatively, you could pursue the ‘A’ Levels Arts programme. As one of the world’s most recognised pre-university courses, this programme is the ideal stepping stone into a law degree. You will learn the basics of Contract Law, the Law of Tort and the English Legal System. As you make your way through the first year of law school, you’ll realise most of what you’re learning is an advancement of your A Levels’ syllabus, thus enabling an easier progression into Year 2. Upon successful completion of this A Levels programme, your certification will be issued by the University of Cambridge.  

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Fast forward a year or two and you have another decision to make on your journey. Do you complete your degree with the University of London programme in Malaysia or opt for the UK Transfer programme? 

Some more research…. and you’ll find that the two lead you to the same destination but through different routes. The University of London programme is a 3 year course culminating in a degree from this university, while studying in Malaysia. You will cover pertinent areas of law, along with electives of your choice in the third year of your degree. This cost-saving programme is recognised by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia (LPQB), ensuring you qualify for the Certificate in Legal Practice examination.

Upon successful completion, you will join the ranks of advocates, solicitors, barristers and judges from around the world who began their careers with a legal degree from the University of London. 

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But if you want to earn your degree from a world class institution while experiencing life as an international student in the UK, the UK Transfer Law degree programme is your ideal choice. When you complete a year or two at BAC, you can transfer to a UK university, where you will obtain your degree certification. Taught by a global faculty and recognised by the LPQB, this programme will equip you with the necessary skills and qualifications for a career in law or essentially any other profession you wish to pursue! 

After 3 years of dedication and sheer hard work, you are the proud holder of a law degree! At this point, you will be deciding whether to continue pursuing a law or if you’d like to branch out to other career pathways. If you’ve decided to proceed on your current trajectory to becoming a certified legal practitioner, you will need to complete either the Certificate in Legal Practice or the Bar Professional Training Course. 

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Let’s move into the final leg of our journey…

The Certificate in Legal Practice is a compulsory requirement for admission to the Malaysian Bar. This will give you the right to practice law in Malaysia. The course will enhance your knowledge of the Malaysian Legal System whilst preparing you for the final examination. This nine-month programme at BAC is taught by a professional legal faculty comprising leading lawyers who are at the forefront of legal practice in Malaysia. Upon passing your examinations, you will then have to complete a pupilage at a law firm of your choice before getting called to the Malaysian Bar.

Alternatively, you could pursue the Bar Professional Course in the UK. This year-long course is the vocational stage of training, which you’re required to pass before you can go on to complete a pupillage. You will also join one of the four Inns of Court and prepare for your career in a law firm by applying your legal knowledge and advocacy skills to realistic legal scenarios.

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Once you’ve become a qualified lawyer, you can go further by pursuing a Master of Arts in Law or Master of Corporate Law and Governance at Veritas University College. These programmes provide you with a specialised understanding of current practices, requirements and expectations of the legal industry. A Masters programme could also be an option if you are an LLB graduate, fresh out of law school, who may be more interested in the academics of law, rather than its practice. 

The Professional Diploma in International Arbitration is a fast-track, practical and relevant course targeted towards practicing and aspiring arbitrators. Most leading legal firms across the world have now established an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) division due to the growing popularity of this method to resolve disputes. It would be a distinct advantage for law graduates in particular, to secure a job at top firms with this Diploma.

You could also pursue the Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme. This certification is the benchmark qualification for corporate governance professionals. It builds a unique breadth of technical skills that equips you for a varied career and validates your knowledge with an internationally respected accreditation.

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Your journey is now complete!

This alternative reality depicts the most ideal pathways for you to embark on if you’re interested in pursuing a career in law. In the span of four to five years, you will learn all there is to know about the legal realm, along with the skills required to tackle legal disputes and issues in this new normal.