Own Your Future

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Now that you have left school, are you ready for the next step? It is time for you to make an important decision, one that will decide your future.

By now, you would have attended education fairs and spent hours browsing the internet, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Let us help you on your search to finding the right course. Here are a few options for you to consider.

Are you ready to kickstart your Pre-U journey?


If you already have an area or field of study you are interested in, you can enroll in a 1-year Foundation course which will prepare you for an undergraduate degree.

The advantages of pursuing foundation studies include studying subjects that are specific to your degree programme of choice. It is also a comprehensive course which takes a shorter period to complete.

The assessment style is usually a combination of coursework, continual assessment, and a final exam, but the weighting of each assessment depends on the college itself.

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BAC Education offers several foundation programmes, and among them are:

a. Foundation in Law, which will prepare you for a smooth transition from secondary to tertiary education and help you develop a solid grounding in core legal subjects.

b. If you want to take your first steps in the business field, you will develop a solid understanding of business fundamentals with the Foundation in Business. This course provides you with the flexibility to choose from over 300 undergraduate programmes offered by the BAC Education Group.

c. If you wish to cultivate your knowledge of the hospitality and tourism industry, then the Foundation in Hospitality is your best bet. It is a comprehensive programme designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a degree in hospitality, tourism, event management and its related fields.

d. If a creative communication pathway is what you are looking for, the Foundation in Media Studies is designed to expose you to the fundamentals of creative communications, media, and design, introducing mass communication subjects such as journalism, public relations, advertising, graphic design, and broadcasting.

e. The Veritas Foundation in Arts, which gives you access to a vast range of choices for your future degree in areas such as Business, Law, Accounting, Human Resource Management and more.

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Cambridge A Levels

One of the world's most recognised pre-university programmes, the Cambridge A-Levels is a MQA accredited 18-month programme which will be your stepping stone to degrees in over 500 fields.

a. If you are looking to pursue a course in Accounting, Business, Finance, Management, Commerce, Economics, ICT, Communications, Law, Marketing or Mass Communications, the Cambridge A-Levels Arts is the right track.

b. If you plan to lay a foundation for your future in the sciences, the Cambridge A-Levels Science will ease your transition onto degrees in fields such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Actuarial Sciences and Biomedical Sciences, amongst others.

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When you pursue a diploma, not only will you learn essential theoretical knowledge, you will also develop a plethora of practical skills needed to succeed in your chosen field.

If you decide to pursue a degree after your diploma, you are likely to be fast-tracked directly to Year 2 of your programme. This, of course, depends on your results and if your chosen degree is related to your diploma studies. Here are some programmes that may pique your interest.

The IACT Diploma in Mass Communication is ideal if you are interested in pursuing a career in Public Relations, Broadcasting, and Journalism. It hones and nurtures your process of communication to prepare you for the creative industry.

The Diploma in Graphic Design gives you the opportunity to develop your skills in creating top-notch artwork and designs for real-life industry projects with some of the country’s leading brands and agencies.

With the Diploma in Marketing & Advertising, you will be groomed to become a versatile professional in the creative industry, specialising in advertising and marketing communications.

The Diploma in Broadcasting & Film will be ideal if you wish to kick-start a career in the creative field of broadcasting, digital media production, and film production.

If you are looking at a career in events, a Diploma in Event Communication will help you develop practical operational skills and creative communication acumen in the planning, organising, and monitoring of event campaigns.

The Diploma in Professional Communication will mould you into a communications specialist, as you will acquire skills required for multi-platform news reporting, planning public relations campaigns, and organising publicity and media relations projects.

A Diploma in Business Management will give you a solid foundation in business and management to help you understand and learn how to think, strategise and manage businesses.

If you wish to gain unparallel insight into the hospitality and tourism industry, the Diploma in Hotel Tourism & Management is your fast-track pathway to professional and managerial roles associated with the global tourism and hotel industries. It opens up opportunities for you to work in multiple client-facing roles including retail management, customer relationship management, food and beverage management, event management, airlines, public relations, and marketing amongst others.

The Diploma in Event Management will provide you with vital knowledge and skills to manage both physical and virtual events. It paves a pathway for you to work in events or exhibition organisations operating across a range of sectors, including tourism and travel, hospitality, retails, sports, and cultural, amongst others.

A Diploma in Early Childhood Education or Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) empowers you to train yourself to shape young minds. You will acquire the specialised skills needed to be an early childhood educator, and contribute towards the initial development of young learners.

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And that wraps it up- you now have a rough idea of all the pathways available to you! Over the next few months, you will arm yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to have the best experience possible once you enter university.

Prep yourself for an amazing future within your reach!