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Dealing with human emotions, helping individuals heal from trauma and mental illness and navigating through situations of conflict – your passion lies in the study of psychology.

Understanding how humans think and act is absolutely fundamental, not just for how you perceive those around you, but also for how you perceive yourself.

Once you have mastered the intricacies of the human mind, you can critically engage with your own emotions and reactive reflexes.

This will help you apply your skills and knowledge for the betterment of society

Now, your interest in the field is piqued and you’ve decided that psychology is the path you want to embark upon. But how do you even begin to chart this path?

The decisions you make now at these crossroads could impact you for years to come.

However, instead of stressing yourself out, delve into some preliminary research. You’ve ended up here – on our site – which means your research process has already begun.

So, let’s consider a potential pathway option…

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Firstly, you need to build a solid grounding before pursuing a degree programme.

The Foundation in Arts programme offered by Veritas University College would be a great starting point. This one year course will provide you with a solid academic foundation while transitioning from secondary to tertiary education.

This Foundation in Arts is a fast track route towards a variety of degrees offered by the BAC Education Group, including the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology degree programme. 

Talk to us to learn more about the Foundation in Arts programme.


So, you’ve covered all the preliminary modules offered by the Foundation in Arts programme and you’ve successfully completed it.

Your next step on this educational journey is an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Veritas University College’s Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology programme challenges your thinking and explores the way in which our minds function. You’ll learn about the scientific and theoretical underpinnings of psychology as well as delving into several specialised areas such as adolescent, clinical, social and political psychology.

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You'll also have a chance to put your research and professional skills into practice, with internship opportunities in clinical, community, industry and research settings.

As the only online distance learning/blended learning psychology degree in Malaysia, this course offers a hands-on approach using problem-based workshops guided by practicing psychologists.

The knowledge and skills obtained will open doors to a plethora of career pathways, enhancing your mobility across industries and increasing employability. 

After 3 years of dedication and sheer hard work, you are the proud holder of a psychology degree!

Now, you’re at another crossroads – “should I continue with my educational pathway or venture into the working arena?”

If you feel the need to advance your credentials, then a master’s programme might be the pathway for you. 


At Veritas, you can opt to complete a Master of Education.

This programme would perfectly complement your degree in Psychology, especially if you’d like to venture into lecturing or student counselling.

You will have the opportunity to undertake research to improve educational practices and standards, or offer support to learners of different ages. This 18-month programme is designed to meet the growing global demand for dynamic and critically thinking educationalists.

Spearheaded by an outstanding faculty, this fully MQA accredited curriculum, is industry driven and delivers the philosophical, sociological, and psychological foundations of educational practice to meet the diverse educational needs. 

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Why stop here? Go further by obtaining a PhD in Education.

If you are looking to augment your knowledge and skills through the exploration of the potential futures of academia and child psychology, this 3-year programme will be ideal for an aspiring educator like you.

You will engage in different areas of concentrations, and will be equipped with a deeper understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects applicable to education, psychology and multiple industries. 

Talk to us to know more about pursuing postgraduate studies in the field of education.

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This pathway will ensure you are future-ready and able to take on the complexities of psychology, education and related careers.

Equipped with all the information you may need, the question now is - are you ready to unlock your potential within this field of study and create a lasting impact on society?