Own Your Future With The All-New BAC Career Academy!

Have you always been passionate about environmental activism? Do you enjoy tinkering with data? Or perhaps you’re intrigued by how companies and brands capitalise on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram for marketing? 

Your career choices can seem somewhat endless, but when you know what you want to do and where you’d like to go – your pathway just unfolds. Of course, not without hard work. 

But the task of having to stand out in a sea of job-seekers, fresh graduates and industry experts is certainly not an easy one. 

Which is why it is important to go a step further by expanding your knowledge base, building relevant skills and obtaining world-class microcredentials. 

Enter the BAC Career Academy – a unique partnership with Coursera, a leading global online learning platform, where our students and members of faculty can join relevant career pathways to upskill themselves and master new skills! 

Specifically curated by industry experts and academic specialists, these future-ready career pathways reflect the current needs of our increasingly digitised and globalised economy.  

They include: 

Future Lawyers (*with 10 specialisations)  

Data Analyst 

IT Support Specialist 

Project Manager 

UX Designer 

Cybersecurity Analyst 

Data Engineer 

Data Scientist 

Data Warehouse Developer 

DevOps Engineer 

Application Developer 

Mainframe Developer 


Marketing Analyst 

Social Media Marketer 

Sales Development

Sales Operations Specialist 

Digital Marketer 

Sales Representative 

Human Resource Practitioner
And more to come! 

*Future Lawyers specialisations 

Future Lawyers (Business & Tech) 

Future Lawyers (Legal Tech) 

Future Lawyers (International Law) 

Future Lawyers (IP Law) 

Future Lawyers (Cyber Security) 

Future Lawyers (Fintech & Law) 

Future Lawyers (Sports & Law) 

Future Lawyers (Data & Privacy) 

Future Lawyers (Evidence & Forensics) 

Future Lawyers (Environmental) 

With these courses, you can supplement your tertiary studies and career with enhanced knowledge and practical experience in your areas of choice.  

Now, the important question is... 


How does it work? 

Head on over to https://bit.ly/baccareers and choose a career pathway that interests you. Browse through our curated catalogue and enroll in courses offered by industry leaders and the world’s top universities. 

You will have unlimited access to all the content within your chosen pathway and the chance to complete projects using real-world scenarios to give you invaluable hands-on experience. 

These courses are taught by field experts and world-renowned academicians, thus giving you the chance to learn from the greatest minds in your chosen areas. 

Once you’ve successfully completed a pathway, you will earn industry-demand professional certificates and a Professional Certificate by BAC.


Jennifer Low, Chief Digital Officer – Learning & Experience of the BAC Education Group, sees the Career Academy as an amazing opportunity for students to consistently upskill themselves. 

“These microcredentials will encourage our students to become polymaths, instilling cognitive flexibility and attaining stackable knowledge in preparation for job demands of the future.” 


With the BAC Career Academy complementing our existing curriculum, our students will have the opportunity to explore additional career pathways and earn relevant microcredentials, placing them in a league of their own as they navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the future of work.  

Stay tuned as we continue to expand our Career Academy by including further career pathways for you to choose from!