Building Awesome Character

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The first day of college is one of the most thrilling experiences of life. It marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with opportunities for growth and learning. The excitement of meeting new people and exploring different subjects can be overwhelming but also incredibly rewarding.

Here, at BAC Education, you will encounter a variety of experiences that go beyond the confines of your classrooms and lecture halls.  

We have specifically designed a Next Gen holistic education ecosystem to ensure you are equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow. As you begin your college journey with us, you will have the immerse yourself in different learning experiences and set out on a transformative journey.

Let's zoom into Play.  

As you journey with us, you will have the opportunity to join a myriad of clubs and societies, events and student activities held throughout the year. There is never a dull moment at BAC.  

Whether you are studying online or on campus, your student life will be filled with exciting opportunities, where you can test your boundaries, make new friends and create memories that will last a lifetime! 

BAC Engage

BACEngage, the student engagement arm of the BAC Education Group, offers a vibrant and diverse student experience that allows you to engage, transform, and thrive in a dynamic global community. It hosts over 250 annual events and activities, and is home to over 30 clubs and societies! 

Shall we take a look at what your student life could look like at BAC Education? 

Your Community – Joining a Club or Society  

With over 30 clubs and societies, you can participate in a wide range of activities and meet new people who share your interests. Whether you're into sports, arts, culture or community service, there's something for you to enjoy and participate in.

Each club and society is tailored to ensure you are able nurture your interests and passions outside of your studies. As you embark on your educational journey, you will also be exploring your interests in sports, games and culture.  

Here’s a little sneak peak of what is in store for you:

Sports & Games 
Get your fitness on and improve your skills! 

Badminton - Let your competitive nature run wild. Become a part of our Badminton Club and develop your skills while having fun! You can even represent BAC by joining competitions!
Basketball - Join our Basketball team and improve your mental and physical well-being in a fun atmosphere! The basketball club is open to anyone regardless of gender and experience level, so come by and have some fun!

Gamer’s Guild – The Gamer’s Guild is a gaming community set up in 2022 for all platforms (pc / console / mobile / tabletop) – perfect for new students to connect with peers who also enjoy games ranging from Tekken, to Valorant and even D&D!
Chess - As a game focused on strategy and decision-making, the Chess Club will hone skills which are pertinent to real life. Break the stigma of needing to be a nerd to play chess! 

Futsal - The Futsal Club wants to inspire and motivate every player to have fun and advance their skills by giving equal opportunities for all students to play this lovely game.

e-Sports Club - The UNIMY e-Sports Club is a dynamic club of students who are passionate about games like Valorant and Mobile Legends. They event have their own e-Sports team, Lycan Hearts!

Adventurous Recreational Club - Are you a lover of the Great Outdoors? ARC is the place to go! Find a community that you can go camping, hiking and kayaking with.

Furnish your education by connecting with like-minded peers and learning from experts! 

Mooting Society – The Mooting Society familiarises you with formal litigation while developing your oratory skills. Activities and competitions are designed to give you a chance to experience what a courtroom would be like. 

The Asian Law Student’s Association (ALSA) - ALSA aims to help its members understand and appreciate diversity and share the ideals of law in society through exchange and communication among a network of Asian law students. 
BAC Law Society - Enhance your knowledge of the legal field and experience law outside of your textbooks while fostering strong relationships with your collegemates. You can also join visits to places like law firms, Federal Court and Parliament!

Debate Club - The Debate Club welcomes those who enjoy presenting their opinions in a constructive manner. If you have views or unique perspectives on certain issues, join the Debate Club and express your thoughts! 

Amnesty Club – BAC’s Amnesty Club focuses on human rights. They organise activities and provide a platform to educate yourself about human rights issues and to advocate or contribute to the cause. 

Chinese Debate Club – This club is for the students who love to speak up and present their opinions in Chinese. If you like to express yourself and your perspective in a different language, this club is for you!

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, there is no better time than NOW to upskill and reskill! 

Career Club: The Career Club empowers you with a range of career-related skills, easing your transition into the working world whilst offering career exploration programmes, internship opportunities and resume writing skills. 
Skills Club - Re-thinking the way we work and learn has become essential to survival, and is vital in an ever-changing economy. At the Skills Club, you are given an opportunity to hone necessary skills and perfect these gaps. 

Culture & Faith 
Immerse yourself in our diverse and multicutural community! 

Indian Cultural Society: Fascinated by Indian culture? BAC’s Indian Cultural Society creates avenues to celebrate and share in its diversity, and to stay connected to Indian traditions, heritage and innovations. 
Buddhist Club - Learn more about the religion of Buddhism through teachings from Lamas and find a like-minded community that practices the Buddhist faith.

Christian Fellowship: Learn more about Christianity through worship, bible study, fun discussions and fellowship, either at BAC CF or IACT CF.

Sikh Society - Practice Sikh culture and join a community that shares the same faith. Sikh Society also spends some time giving back to the community, as instructed by their beliefs.

Japanese Cultural Club - Japanese culture is not just about anime! Join Japanese Cultural Club to explore the intricacies of the culture and learn more about the land of the rising sun.

Discover your passions and hidden talents! 
YOUth Club: Dive into the world of social media and content creation with the YOUth Club! YOUth club is a platform for the youth, by the youth.

BAC Performing Arts Club: Through performances like dancing, singing or playing instruments, the BAC PAC encourages aspiring talents!

Dance Society - Immerse yourself in the art of dance, joining the team and taking part in competitions together!

IACT PARTS - Join plays, perform in a band, act in haunted houses and go all out in performing arts!

Make friends, have discussions and form your community! 
International Students Club -  Find your community and share your culture with students from other countries!

Chatterbox Club - Are you a fan of forum and discussion? Chatterbox Club is the place you can go to share your most interesting opinions!

Kopitalk - BAC's very own podcasting club, Kopitalk chooses topics like friendships and relationships and creates podcasts surrounding the topic!

Giving BACk  
Leave your mark on society by giving BACk! 
LEO Club - Be an agent of change within the community! The Leo Club provides youths with the chance to participate in humanitarian and charitable projects. 

Women's Legal Rights Club - WLRC BAC provides an avenue for students to speak up about the legal challenges that women face and go out to educate young women on their rights and what they can do when faced with difficult situations.

Environmental Club - Raise awareness on environmental issues with The Earthlings BAC! Give back to the earth we live in and learn how you can play a part in caring for it.

Events & Happenings 

With several weekly events and activities held throughout the year, you will never run out of things to do while pursuing your passions at BAC Education! 

Movie Days 
Movie Days have been a popular tradition at BAC Education, with our collaborators TGV cinemas! Students are given the chance to collect FREE movie tickets to catch the latest blockbusters on the big screen. On the 3rd of March 2022, we held our first ever Movie Day after over 2 years, with students receiving tickets to watch The Batman at TGV cinemas!