Post SPM Results Party

BAC Education Celebrates SPM Graduates

When SPM results were announced on Monday, 27th May 2024, students nationwide eagerly checked their results online, and also at their respective schools. Many were relieved to see their hard work pay off. While some began making plans to explore alternative pathways to achieve their academic goals, others celebrated their success with friends and family, feeling proud of their accomplishments after years of dedication and effort.

To celebrate SPM graduates, SPMFlix and Course Advisor collaborated with BAC Education to organise a 'Post SPM Results Party'!

On 31st May 2024, a multitude of attractions were set up in the Horizon Banquet Hall at Menara BAC, ready to welcome our SPM graduates. Among them were game stations like ddakji (a Korean children's game), Pong-Pong and Twister. There was also a punching machine, a VR game set, and the bouncy play-fight Gladiator.

The highlight of this party was the dance floor at the main stage! Spinning music for the evening was Joshua Kajindran, our resident DJ from BAC Learn, also known as DJ Josh. Aside from the games, there was a general knowledge quiz booth and a booth for prospective students to ask about courses they're interested in.

As students walked in to the banquet hall, the party began and students started having fun! Many of them were trying out the different activities, especially the bouncy play-fight area and the VR game!

Throughout the evening, the organisers took turns hyping the crowd up, asking questions and bringing them over to the dance floor! They managed to get the crowd going, and brought a steady stream of participants onto the dance floor!

It was an extremely fun event, and Course Advisor and SPMFlix succeeded in bringing the celebration to life. Here's what attendees had to say about the event:

"I really liked the games and the music, especially the general knowledge quiz by BAC Learn and the Twister game! It was all so fun!" said Jie Yee, a Foundation student at BAC.

"I really liked the games, especially the Twister! The dance floor was also really fire, I had a lot of fun at the party," said Mardhev, a participant of the event.

"I loved the DJ! The music was really good, and the experience was very in the moment," said Najwa, a participant of the event.

"I loved how vibrant the atmosphere was at the party! The music selection was also amazing. Thanks for the meticulous planning and creative efforts from the organising team," said Sharabi, a UNIMY student attended the event.

"I thought the party was really good and the participants enjoyed themselves! Students mostly seemed to be playing Pong-Pong and Twister, but everyone was really lively!" said Najiah Bohri from BAC Learn.

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