Postgraduate Certificate in Management (E-Learning)

BAC College (Singapore)


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Organisation & Business Management

This module seeks to expose you to the elements and issues of how ‘organisations behave’ and what causes them to behave as such. It focuses on theories, research and practice, especially those on the organisational dynamics related to culture, individual behaviours, social perception as well as attributes, motivation, performance, behaviour modifications, and decision-making. You will also earn a microcredential from Yale University.

Marketing Management

Changing environments, greater competition and advances in ICT have led firms to recognise the importance of developing intelligence and strategic insights about markets and consumers. This module will enhance your understanding of how to analyse, formulate, implement and manage marketing strategies and policies at the tactical and strategic management levels.  You will also earn a microcredential from MacQuarie University

Managerial Finance

This module introduces you to the importance of financial management in business operations. You will understand the effects of environmental changes on the financial performance of a firm. You will also earn a microcredential from Copenhagen Business School