Professional Diploma in
International Arbitration

Brickfields Asia College



Introduction to Arbitration
This module introduces you to key concepts of arbitration. It also demonstrates an appreciation and understanding of types of arbitration as well as other methods of dispute resolution. 

Malaysian Arbitration Laws  
This module will help you develop your knowledge of arbitration laws in Malaysia, with close reference to specific examples of Malaysian case law. 

The Arbitration Agreement
This module focuses on the arbitration agreement- studying its formation, existing categories, its validity and the effects of the arbitration agreement when utilised.

Applicable Laws in Arbitration
With this module, you will have the opportunity to learn more about numerous legal rules at play in the arbitration process and key aspects of their application.

The Appointment of The Tribunal  
This module discusses the appointment process of the tribunal in arbitration, as well as how an arbitrator is selected and other relevant topics. This module also contains a review of earlier chapters.

Jurisdiction & Powers
This module covers the jurisdiction, powers and duties of the arbitrator. In doing so, it also covers other key roles within the arbitration process, including the administrative centre and the tribunal.

The Arbitral Proceedings (Part 1)
This module covers the early stages of the proceedings in arbitration.

The Arbitral Proceedings (Part 2)
Picking off from the module before it, this module introduces you to the procedures in the advanced stages of arbitration.

The Award
You will learn more about awards in arbitration, including how it is defined, the types of awards available and additional information to consider.

Challenging the Award and Enforcing It
Continuing from the earlier module, you will now learn about challenging and enforcing an award in arbitration, and relevant legal applications.

Arbitration in Motion
This module centers on interactive discourse on the arbitral process, giving you the chance to apply the concepts learned throughout the course.

Syllabus & Past Year Questions Review
In this module, you will review course content and discuss past year questions, along with the expectations of examiners and moderators.