Professional Law Faculty

Learn from seasoned industry practitioners and scholars 

About Us

Our Professional Law Faculty members are leading lawyers who specialise in various fields of law and are at the forefront of legal practice in Malaysia. These eminent lawyers bring in-depth experience to their classes and are deeply committed to mentoring students. They provide an extraordinary opportunity for our law students to learn from and interact with them and to gain new perspectives on important legal issues.

Among members of our Professional Law Faculty are:

- Aneera Joshini Chowdhury, Proprietor, A.J Chowdhury, (Masterclass on Opinion Writing, Introduction to Opinion Writing, Young Lawyers Bootcamp),

- Cassandra Thomazios, Partner, MahWengKwai & Associates, (Introduction to Legal Research Skills, Introduction to Legal Reasoning & Analytical Skills, Young Lawyers Bootcamp),

- Dato’ C. Vignesh Kumar Partner, Vignesh Kumar & Associates, (Masterclass on Criminal Practice),

- Datuk Baljit Singh, Founding Partner, Shukor Baljit & Partners, (Criminal Procedure),

- H R Dipendra, Koh Dipendra Jeremiah Law, (Introduction to Malaysian Contract Law, Masterclass on Legal Drafting Skills),

- Vatsala Ratnasabapathy, Senior Partner, Zain & Co. (Civil Procedure)

and many more!

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