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On graduation, you can apply for Project Apprentice through the BAC Apprenticeship Programme. This six month programme provides you with practical career skills in areas like Personal Branding, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Training will be coupled with hands-on exposure to special real-world projects in a work environment.

This will involve you learning office and work-related skills in areas like Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility, Finance, Digital Marketing, or Software Design. You will be tasked with projects that develop your skills, enhance your experience while boosting your professional portfolio.

Here's what some of our apprentices had to say:

“The programme helped shape me by strengthening my personal branding and to see myself as more than just a law graduate. I became more confident in my own abilities and have gained skills and knowledge that goes beyond the classroom. I am now able to face the uncertainties of the job market with tenacity and confidence.” – David Ranil

“Truly a life changing experience. The skills provided in this programme are beneficial in helping one to cope in the work force during the pandemic. It really helped me build my interpersonal skills, and a personal brand for myself. It is a noble initiative with strong outcomes! Super grateful I was chosen for it!” – Deborah Adison

“Being part of the BAC Apprenticeship Programme with a group of vibrant fellow apprentices has taught me the importance of teamwork, adaptability and resilience. Through the various courses and projects, we were assigned to manage, I was given a chance to see how I could put the skills I attained from my pursuit of a law degree into practice.” – Hew Hoong Liang (Nathan)

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