Proven Track Record

30 years have passed since the inception of Brickfields Asia College. Our journey since then has been nothing short of a whirlwind! 

Over the past three decades, we have cemented our position as the Nation’s No. 1 Law School by not only producing more than 10,000 law graduates but also successfully and consistently achieving world-class results along the way. Today, our institution has become synonymous with excellence in legal education and our proud history has made our graduates highly sought after. As we watch our students progress in this era of rapid globalisation, we are constantly in awe of how they have become leaders their chosen fields and are immensely proud of how they have truly made a name for themselves.  

As we made our way from a small institution operating in the heart of Brickfields to a regional education provider, our students have maintained excellent results in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Over the past five years alone, BAC has produced over 1,000 World and National Top Students, Book Prize Winners, 1st Class and 2nd Class Upper graduates. 

Since 2010, our students have secured numerous Top in the World Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards for Law and Business Studies at the Cambridge A-Level examinations. At the undergraduate level, we have produced 442 1st Class LLB (Hons) graduates over the past 10 years. Whilst at the postgraduate level, our students have secured every Tun Hamid Omar Foundation Award for Best Overall CLP Student in Malaysia, 78 out of 97 Book Prizes and 72 out of 100 2nd Class Uppers awarded in the CLP examinations since 2012. 

Although we provide them with constant and comprehensive guidance along their individual journeys, these numbers are reflective of the inherent drive and perseverance shown by our students.