Proven Track Record

There’s only one college in the country that qualifies to be called a specialist in providing creative communications higher education.

And that is IACT College (IACT), a true pioneer, a trusted and premier provider of pre-u, degree and professional programmes in advertising, broadcasting, film, graphic design, mass communications media studies and PR.

In fact, IACT is the only education institution in Malaysia to receive accreditation from the industry’s prestigious professional body, IAA, the International Advertising Association of New York.

Press rewind and you will find plenty year after year. Achievements and recognitions within the industry, from other industries, by students and a prominent, outstanding alumni.

Amongst IACT’s impressive track record is without doubt its alumni of professionals in a wide spectrum of related industries. These include prominent members of ad agencies and media organisations such as TV stations, TV personalities and hosts, social media influencers, creative entrepreneurs, and of course
passionate creative practitioners such as content creators, film directors, copywriters, art directors, designers and creative directors.

As a student at IACT you will quickly learn that IACT is a creative school that teaches differently. In fact, it doesn’t teach, it inspires and moulds you into a creative communications professional in what you are passionate about and to achieve your own track record

Along the way you will also realise that IACT graduates are much sought-after by various industries, hence secure higher employability, garner great respect and usually command higher salaries than industry averages.

Go on, start your own track record right away as an IACT student today.