Radio Analysis Project - A Collaboration with BFM Media

A Day at BFM

18 students from the Diploma in Broadcasting & Film and the Bachelor of Film Production programmes at IACT College recently had the opportunity to visit one of Malaysia's most established radio stations, BFM 89.9.

Supervised by Mr. Azizul Rahman Mahfudz from the School of Media Production at IACT College, the primary objective of the visit was to provide students with an in-depth understanding of how to evaluate radio programming and its potential for success in the competitive media landscape.

To do that, the 18 students spent an entire day at the studio, which began with an enlightening briefing on the background and history of BFM Radio. This is where these students learned more about the station's founding principles, its mission to provide business and current affairs content, and its journey to becoming a leading voice in the Malaysian radio industry.

Interactivity with BFM

Following the brief history lesson and insights into the station, the students engaged in a dynamic Q&A session with the BFM team. This was an interactive component which allowed the students to delve deeper into the intricacies of the radio system, content management strategies, operational workflows, and the overall radio production process. It turned into a platform that provided students the ability to ask their insightful questions and gain firsthand knowledge from industry professionals.

Going beyond just creative and insightful questions, the students had a little creative twist to the visit; the students participated in a small contest to propose new names for "BFM." It was an exercise to not only spark their creative minds but also encouraged students to think critically about branding and the importance of a radio station's identity in attracting and retaining listeners which is crucial in this industry.

A Launchpad for the Future

From insightful Q&A sessions to creative little activities, these IACT students were even spoiled with a guided tour of BFM's studios and offices. In the tour, students got to observe the behind-the-scenes operations, from the technical setup in the broadcasting studios to the administrative and editorial workflows in the office. This gave them an immersive experience which also provided a practical perspective on the day-to-day activities that keep a radio station running smoothly.

This trip was immersive, engaging and insightful for all involved and its success was made possible through the efforts of Mr. Ooi Beng Cheang, Community Team Lead at BFM, and his dedicated team. Their coordination and hospitality ensured that the students had a memorable and educational experience.

IACT College also wants to extend their heartfelt thanks to BFM for this valuable opportunity and looks forward to continued collaboration, because such initiatives are instrumental in bridging the gap between academic learning and industry practice, preparing students for successful careers in the media and broadcasting fields.