Reliance College and Uplift Collaborate to Empower Women through Baking

Warm ovens and even warmer hearts...

Pertubuhan Bangkit (Uplift), BAC Education's CSR arm and Reliance College collaborated and displayed a wonderful sense of camaraderie and community, through a special baking event on the 21st and 22nd of June 2024. This event, held at Reliance College's very own industrial training kitchen, was specially curated for individuals from the B40 community and international refugee group.

Participants included women from the B40 community in PPR Pekan and the Afghan Refugee Center in Ampang. This initiative aimed to empower these women through culinary skills, fostering a sense of community and providing them with valuable baking techniques.

Spearheaded by expert Chefs and lecturers at Reliance College - Muhammad Nur Hidayat Bin Mohd Salim, Nurainol Akma Abdul Malik and Puon Swee Kent, these dedicated professionals led and assisted the participants throughout the two-day session. Their expertise and dedication ensured that the attendees not only learned new recipes, but also enjoyed the process of creating delicious baked goods.

With a menu boasting sophistication and delicateness with the Italian classic, Panna Cotta, soul-warming apple crumble, and all the way to the rich and sweet heaven of a chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache, participants got to experience the process of baking several different types of desserts with various level of complexity.

Each dish was crafted with care, and the participants had the opportunity to practice and perfect their baking skills under the guidance of the expert chefs. The event was not just about learning to bake, but also about building confidence, fostering teamwork, and creating a supportive community environment.

This collaboration was more than just about helping communities for a day or two; it was an effort to equip, empower, and uplift women from underprivileged communities to support themselves and their families. By providing a platform for learning and growth, Reliance and Uplift are making a meaningful impact on the lives of people from these communities.

Events like these pave the way for future collaborations that continue to uplift and support our communities. The skills and knowledge gained empower these women to explore new opportunities, whether in the culinary field or beyond, equipping them for a brighter and more independent future.

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