Reliance College Students Learn the Art of Entrepreneurship

With the pandemic having moved into the endemic phase, students are flocking back to campus, and what better way to make the campus experience more exciting than a bazaar?

On the 18th and 19th of July, five intakes of the Diploma in Business Management from Reliance College came together to form the Entrepreneurship Class. They held their very own Budget Bazaar at the ground floor of BAC's PJ Campus and at the Student Hub.

Did you drop by?

Facilitated by Ms. Rosita of Reliance College, this project was born from the initial idea of producing a business plan prospectus for a startup project. The class decided on a bazaar with a few objectives in mind: to increase the number of students participating in on-campus activities, to cultivate team spirit, as well as to learn values and skills crucial to entrepreneurship.

Before the bazaar, the students raised RM1,080 among themselves in preparation for the event, so they could purchase decorations as well as prizes for the games and the lucky draw. The rest of the preparation went on without a hitch.

Starting at 11am, there were eight booths in total. The first was a booth selling accessories for men and women, such as scrunchies, headbands, socks and bracelets. If you turned around, you would then see a mobile phone accessory booth, selling practical items like mobile phone cases and screen protectors.

There were two booths which sold toys and trinkets, one selling stuffed toys and legos, and another next to it selling Bear Bricks. If you were in search of gifts, these booths would have been a perfect stop to buy gifts for friends or loved ones! Going further in, there was a booth selling the best tiramisu cake I've tasted.

On the opposite side, was a drinks stand offering 'Ribena mixed with Sprite' for you to refresh yourself on a hot day. There was also a booth with temporary tattoos. Their designs were small enough to be inconspicuous, but were interesting and affordable. Last but not least, a booth selling eco-friendly bags, water bottles and smaller bags was a hit among visitors.

At the Student Hub, there were a few game booths. Students stopped by to have a bit of fun before lunch. There were two significant games, water pong and a challenge to roll up a toilet roll without spilling the cup of water placed on top of it. The best part of these game booths? To play, you need not pay. Games were completely free!
And guess what? I managed to win a small prize on one of the games - a goodie bag with a gift from Mr DIY!

The main attraction, however, was the lucky draw! With a pre-requisite of purchasing items from at least 2 booths, visitors to this bazaar were able to participate in the lucky draw, standing a chance to win hampers, cash, vouchers, and the very much sought after TGV IMAX tickets.

Through this event, students gained hands-on entrepreneurship experience, learning about profit and losses.

Despite the varying profits, this learning experience was beneficial for students who were actively involved in the event, while non-participating students got the chance to experience the feeling of campus life through the bazaar. All in all, the class objectives were definitely achieved.

Stay tuned for more fun and interesting events happening at BAC PJ Campus, as there will definitely be more!