Reliance College welcomes
AISCA Philippines with a
Culinary Workshop

In a vibrant celebration of culinary diversity and international collaboration, UNIMY and Reliance College recently co-hosted a highly successful culinary workshop in partnership with Apple International School of Culinary Arts (AISCA) from the Philippines.

Held at a venue brimming with culinary enthusiasts, the event marked a significant milestone in the exchange of culinary knowledge and cultural appreciation.

The workshop, which took place from 10am to 3pm, provided students from AISCA with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Malaysian cuisine. Under the expert guidance of Chef Nur Hidayat and Chef Nurainol Akma from Reliance College, participants embarked on a culinary journey filled with learning, creativity, and camaraderie.


Throughout the day, participants had the chance to hone their culinary skills and expand their culinary repertoire, with a particular focus on mastering the art of Malaysian dishes such as rendang. From learning the intricacies of spice blending to perfecting cooking techniques, these students delved into the essence of Malaysian cuisine, discovering its cultural significance and culinary heritage.

This collaborative effort between UNIMY, Reliance College, and AISCA exemplifies the spirit of cross-border cooperation and mutual learning. By bringing together students and educators from different cultural backgrounds, the workshop fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives, enriching the culinary experience for all involved.

Looking ahead, Johan Krodollochis, CEO of Reliance College expressed his commitment to continuing and expanding such collaborative initiatives in the future, hinting exciting possibilities for international collaboration, including partnerships with institutions in South Korea. These future collaborations aim to provide students with enriching international experiences, allowing them to immerse themselves in different culinary cultures and gain valuable insights into global culinary practices.

During the workshop, several students shared about their experience and their favorite Malaysian dish of the day. Lyle Angelo G. Silvestre, Danielle Sofia B. Espiritu and Stephen D. Ortiz all expressed their fondness for Pajeri Nenas, a dish made from pineapple, cooked in a spicy and tangy coconut milk gravy. It is a popular Malaysian dish that is often served with rice or bread to soak up the flavourful sauce. Their enthusiasm for this particular dish exemplifies the diverse palate and appreciation for Malaysian cuisine fostered during the workshop.

With each student bringing their unique perspective and culinary flair to the table, it's evident that the exploration of Malaysian flavors has left a lasting impression on them.


In reflection, this culinary workshop was a resounding success, showcasing the transformative power of collaboration and cultural exchange in culinary education. As the participants departed with newfound knowledge and inspiration, they left behind a legacy of friendship, learning, and a shared love for the culinary arts, eagerly anticipating future collaborations and opportunities for growth in the dynamic world of culinary arts.

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