Reliance's Mental Health Workshop

Create Awareness, Minimize Stigma

What It's About

The BAC Education Group's counselling team and Reliance College's Student Affairs co-hosted a mental health workshop to only create awareness of a very real problem that affects everyone in some capacity but also to minimise the stigma that surrounds it.

Students gained invaluable insights into the necessity of maintaining a healthy mental well-being, learnt about the most common mental health issues, and discovered effective coping methodologies that to help them thrive.

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The Purpose

This workshop's goal was to give our students a way to be themselves and deal with mental health problems that might be hurting them secretly. At this time, the purpose was also to help students deal with any post-covid stress or symptoms.

The Student Affairs Department's year-long observational study at Reliance College served as the foundation for this endeavor. Utilising the knowledge and resources of the Group's counselling team, which is always on hand, was the goal of this joint effort between the BAC counselling team and Reliance College's Student Affairs.

Educational, Fun, and Insightful

The workshop was filled with moments of vulnerability and learning. Students and faculty members were able to dive deep into identifying their emotions and understanding the nuances of these emotions.

Participants also took part in the Mental Health/Disorders Workshop, and shared stories which helped clarify and dispel common mental health myths.

There was even an activity where participants learned about their personality type and how that could affect their way of dealing with certain situations. Personality tests like The Big Five Personalities and DASS allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how their personalities affect their thought processes.

In the end, it was a successful and important event that saw more people learn more about themselves and how to battle mental health in an effective and meaningful way.

"What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversations."
Glenn Close

Asking for help with your mental health can be hard, but you are not alone. Reach out to our experienced Student Counsellor (Ms Lara - if you need to speak to someone.