Retro Rhythms: 2000s Edition by the Law Society

The 2022/2023 tenure of BAC's Law Society has done wonders to educate the students on different aspects of the law, ranging from monthly infographics about hot topics and the law surrounding them, talks about the constitution, visits to places like Parliament and Court, and even mystery simulations. To celebrate the end of a decorated tenure, they organised a special event called 'Retro Rhythms: 2000's Edition.'

This event was one for them to have fun, get to know some of their incoming juniors and let off steam after all the hard work they've done throughout their tenure. With almost 40 people in attendance, it was definitely a lively evening. The Law Society pulled out all the stops to make the themed event a successful one, from a photo booth, to performances, to wonderful emcees, dressed in outfits that were the peak of fashion in the early 2000's.

Grace Ang and William Tong acted as emcees for the event, effortlessly breaking the ice and engaging the crowd. The event was jam packed with games, performances (including one from IACT PARTS), and delicious snacks! There was even a 2000's themed photo booth, where participants could grab a photo in their themed outfits. The big finale of the event was a nostalgic sing-along and group karaoke session where the participants as well as the committee members sang, danced and partied to a variety of nostalgic, “blast from the past” music.

All in all, it was a great event which exceeded the expectations of even the committee. The students had a lot of fun, and it was a great way to send off the 2022/2023 committee.

Here's what Grace had to say about the event: "I'm truly honoured to have co-hosted this event! It was the remarkable effort from the committee, the remarkable performances from the performers, and the willingness from the participants to participate in mine and William's shenanigans that brought such vibe and life to Retro Rhythms. I was also really honoured to be able to narrate for Midnight Buzz Band. The karaoke session at the end was a BANG! So yeah, I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to help make this unforgettable event a success!"

BAC Law Society will be having their AGM on 2nd September 2022, where they will be welcoming a new committee to continue on the legacy of the Law Society. If you are interested to join them and vote for their new presidential office, you can register here.

See you there!