SeaShorts Film Festival 2023: Heatseeker Programme

Celebrating and Recognizing the Many Different Filmmakers of Southeast Asia

A Captivating Experience

A registered non-profit cultural society, the SeaShorts Film Society accomplished its mission with great success once again. Celebrating Southeast Asian cultures through relatable and captivating short films.

It was a remarkable and unforgettable experience that was guided by visionary filmmaker Dain Said and showcased passionate cinematic talents while also diving deep into the soul of Southeast Asian film culture.

Planting Rice, Nurturing Talent

This event in particular was aptly named "Tanam Padi", or planting rice in English. Paying homage to the short film ecosystem and its evolution, as well as its growth since the initial inception of the festival back in 2017.

This event aimed to honour the Southeast Asian filmmakers who have contributed their effort and creative brilliance to the art of short filmmaking. Their efforts and work have directly contributed to the nurturing of budding talents in the region.

IACT Presents "The Spiritwalker"

IACT made its impressive mark by showcasing the incredible short film titled "The Spiritwalker". Directed and written by Vel Anpalagan in collaboration with Sharvin Vishal and Sarjeen Thiagendran.

The 13-minute-long film immersed viewers in a world where supernatural powers combat the forces of the unknown. It captivated audiences and offered a thrilling glimpse into a world filled with mystery.

This film not only showcased the creative brilliance of these IACT students but also highlighted their ambitious spirit to expand this film into something more. All this just left the audience itching for more!

Future Filmmakers Shine Bright

Sharing the spotlight with "The Spiritwalker" were five other outstanding short films produced by students. The lights dimmed, silence filled the room, and students got to see their hard work begin to roll onto their screens. Their creative visions have come to life for many to see!

As the event went on, the filmmakers got to engage in a Q&A session with the attendees. Discussing their creative process, inspirations, and aspirations as young filmmakers.

IACT's own promising young filmmakers took part in the Q&A session. They were filled with immense pride to be able to showcase their passion project at such a prestigious event. Now, with a new sense of accomplishment, these young creative minds are more motivated and eager to create more compelling films across a variety of genres.

The SeaShorrts Film Festival 2023: Heatseeker Programme continues to not only celebrate the art of storytelling through the medium of film but also continues to nurture the future generations of Southeast Asian filmmakers, and our IACT students are now part of this new guard of a passionate and talented group of promising filmmakers.