Shark Tank by Skills Club

A business coaching event!

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.

BAC Skills Club is in the 'business' of teaching students useful life skills, ranging from making bread to negotiating, to even learning how to run a blog! While it may seem random, the Skills Club aims to equip students with the skills they may not learn in their education so that they can have richer lives and better themselves.

This time around, the Skills Club appealed to all the aspiring entrepreneurs; students had a chance to participate in Skills Club's very first Shark Tank event! (Yes, there will be more!) This event is inspired by TV show Shark Tank, where participants present their business pitch to a group of judges (commonly referred to as sharks), who will then decide if they want to invest in the idea. But of course, since this event is meant to equip students with skills they need in life, the event was split into two parts: the coaching and the presentation.

Part one of the event was held online via Google Meets, where students learned from the 'sharks' about the tools they need to start their business, one of which empathy towards customers. After that, participants had a chance to try out the skills taught by the sharks in a trial run. They were made to pitch absurd items like bottled air, renting a grandma and pet rocks. It was a really interesting trial session where the team and participants got to see multiple viewpoints and how they marketed the ideas given to them.

After a week of planning and preparation for the participants, part two of the event commenced! Students came up with their ideas for pitching along with visual aid in the form of PowerPoint slides. Some of the ideas presented by the students were solar-powered smartphones, a camping experience, a tutoring site, and most memorably, glowing toilet paper! Each of them were given feedback by the sharks.

The event was also visited by a very special guest, BAC's very own co-founder and Chief Future Officer, Mr. Raja Singham! He also provided his input from his extensive business experience to enrich the experience for the students. After all the presentations were done, the sharks took some time to deliberate, and the top 3 winners were announced!

Congratulations to FlyHigh in third place, who pitched the idea of a solar-powered smartphone, Trilogy in second place, who pitched a Rover (Car-Tend) and the champions, the Yu-ndians, who pitched a law subject tutoring site!

The event was most definitely a successful one, and students learned a lot from the process of developing their pitches. If you missed out, but you are interested in learning this skill, keep an eye out for Skills Club's next Shark Tank event! If you are interested in joining Skills Club, visit their Instagram or click the button below to join!

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