'SHE' Bazaar by Indian Cultural Society

by Shenoj Kuruvilla

International Women's Day is a time where we celebrate women and their achievements. This year, the BAC Indian Cultural Society celebrated the accomplishments of women from the BAC family. Many of these women run their own businesses over Instagram, even in the midst of studying, and ICS wanted to showcase that.

On the 23rd and 24th of March, ICS held their 'SHE' Bazaar, an event showcasing businesses of female students from the BAC Education Group. The event was held in the Student Hub, and was all from the BAC Education Group. The purpose of this event was to celebrate International Women's Day with BAC female students, by promoting and supporting their small businesses. There were seven booths in total: Amachi's Chai, a henna booth, Delicious Brownies, two game booths, a lok lok booth and an instant noodle booth.

Amachi's Chai served piping hot masala tea for just RM 3, which was affordable and delicious. The henna booth, run by Darshaini offered custom designs, so customers could request for their own designs and Darshaini would then replicate them. Delicious Brownies' main treat was brownies, however, they did offer many other sweet treats as well, such as cream puffs and tarts, living up to the name "delicious." The game booths were run by members of the Indian Cultural Society. among the games were a pong game, where one had to toss ping pong balls into cups and a memory game played with cards. Last but not least were the instant noodles and lok lok booths, also run by members of the Indian Cultural Society. They cooked up some hearty food for customers.

Those who attended the event truly had a fun and enjoyable time, and the Indian Cultural Society earned a revenue of RM300. One of the participants commented that the games were fun, the food was nice and they loved how friendly everyone was. At the end of the day, these ladies were able to gain some exposure for their businesses, and when it came to celebrating women, the Indian Cultural Society did so in their own creative way. Stay tuned for more events from them!