Women's Legal Rights Club Celebrates International Women's Day

If they don't give you a seat at the table,
bring a folding chair.
Shirley Chisholm

The Womens' Legal Rights Club (WLRC) of BAC is all about championing the rights of women in Malaysia and grooming leaders who will champion these rights. Recently, the WLRC organised an event in honour of International Women's Day: SheRise!

The aim of this event was to empower women to step out and help the people around them who may be marginalised. The event featured a panel discussion with special guests sharing their experiences in the field of philantrophy and women empowerment, as well as a session where students could celebrate iconic women of the world through a fashion show!

After the opening speeches from the emcee and the club advisor, a panel discussion followed , about how one can be involved in women's rights and look out for those that are marginalised. Invited guests were Ms. Nadia Rahmat, founder of MyHope HERO and Datin Wira Goh Suet Lan, president of Women of Will.

Ms. Nadia and Datin Wira Goh shared extensively on their motivation of getting into the field of activism and philantrophy. They also shared experiences like watching marginalised women grow from insecure to independent. Ms. Nadia shared some particularly harrowing stories about traveling to countries ravaged by natural disaster and war to deliver supplies and help.

The panel discussion was followed by a Q&A where students got to ask questions about the topics discussed in the panel discussion. It was encouraging to see the male attendees step forward and ask what they can do to help. The discussion was deep and enlightening for the students, giving them knowledge that they can use to help others.

After that, the fashion show commenced! Some of the iconic women portrayed in the fashion show were Princess Diana, Rosie the Riveter, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and Margot Robbie's Barbie! Congrats to our winners, Ashley as Rosie the Riveter, Harinni as Kamala Harris and Rekka as Barbie!

The event ended with a round of networking and games, where students got a chance to either chat with the panelists or have some fun with a round of charades. It was an illuminating event consisting of new knowledge for the students with some fun mixed in!

If you're interested in what the Women's Legal Rights Club is doing, you can visit their Instagram or click the button below to join!

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