Showcasing Their Talent:

Student Poster Designs from Kaizen Typography
On Display at KLAF2022

The Kaizen Typography Book is a live client project by Mr. Michael Lim and IACT College students, which began back in August 2021.

In that round, the students under Diploma in Graphic Design had the opportunity to participate in typography poster design challenges alongside other colleges.

The students presented their designs and had a digital exhibition (Handled by school of Media & Communication under IACT College) and the client was very pleased with the final outcome. And now, Mr. Michael Lim has decided to kick things up a notch!

The typography posters created by students of the Diploma in Graphic Design programme have been printed out and are currently being exhibited alongside works by artists and designers from Korea, Japan, China, and Indonesia (as well as  Malaysia itself), in Central Market Kuala Lumpur.

The exhibition, titled POSTER 100+, is held in conjuction with the Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2022 (KLAF 2022). This exhibition will be running from 18th June to 11th July 2022 (And yes, it has been happening since!)

This exhibition focuses on printed media, and its importance and relevance as a medium in this digital age.

It shows that the heart and passion of one's instinct to create, connect and publish will almost never reach its satisfaction as new forms of printing technology will continue to surface from almost every corner of the world, almost every day .

As a form of communication, posters are incredibly effective. They have the ability to grab one's attention- communicating through visuals, colours, and most importantly, by imparting a message through key details.

Want to support our students? Check out the exhibition before its end in July 2022!

Students who participated in designing the typography posters are:

  • Lim Zhe Yan,
  • Elissa Hazel Gurmit,
  • Goh Kai Zhe,
  • Jovine Lim Xu-Ying,
  • Teo Ting Wei,
  • Renee Chong Rui Yi,
  • Pearly Chin Zer Yin,
  • Melvin Moo Wei Han,
  • Chow Wei Yan,
  • Hanis Farah Binti Peer Mohamed,
  • Lau Ming Kang,
  • Chah Mei Hui,
  • Christen Erwin Anthony,
  • Libelina Stephany Dwi Kadjio,
  • Lie Devina Rosalie,
  • Precelia Kin Pei Ting,
  • Suriya A/L Ramesh,
  • Wong Qi Heng,
  • Vayhean A/L Tamby Raja,
  • Nicholas Jayasuria

Congratulations once again to the students involved and the lecturers who supervised and guided this project from the ground up.

Kudos to IACT College, and may this pave the way to many more succesful ventures!