Sip and Spill
takes over BAC!

On Tuesday, July 2nd 2024, the courtyard at the BAC Flagship PJ Campus buzzed with excitement as students and faculty gathered for a special event hosted by @thetakeawaytable.

The dynamic duo, Mingy and Graeme, brought their popular podcast "Sip & Spill" to life in an engaging session filled with laughter, stories, and valuable insights.

At sunrise, the courtyard transformed into a vibrant hub of activity. The session kicked off with an enthusiastic welcome from both hosts, who immediately set a lively tone with their infectious energy and charisma. Students and faculty were treated to a couple of hours of candid conversations, where Mingy and Graeme listened to juicy stories from personal journeys to college gossips.

The event, which was scheduled from 11am to 12pm, offered students a unique opportunity to interact with the hosts, known for their candid discussions and humorous take on everyday topics. Wearing their signature green aprons, Mingy and Graeme set the tone for a relaxed and enjoyable morning, encouraging everyone to participate and share their thoughts.

As the session began, the courtyard was filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, adding to the cozy atmosphere. Mingy and Graeme kicked off the morning by sharing anecdotes from their journey in creating "Sip & Spill," highlighting the challenges and joys of running a successful podcast. Their relatable stories and charismatic personalities quickly drew the audience in, making everyone feel like part of the conversation.


Throughout the hour, the hosts kept the audience entertained with their witty banter and dynamic interaction. Their down-to-earth approach and engaging style made the event both informative and entertaining, leaving everyone feeling inspired and energised.

Overall, the "Sip & Spill" session at BAC Flagship PJ Campus was a resounding success, leaving everyone eagerly looking forward to the video and more engaging events like this.

The morning was a perfect blend of fun, learning, and connection, embodying the spirit of @thetakeawaytable and the vibrant community at BAC.

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