Skills Club and WLRC Give Exposure to Self Defence

Muay Thai 101

Great results
can be achieved
with small forces.
Sun Tzu

When one gets caught in a sticky situation, it is vital to know how to defend yourself and escape with as little harm to yourself as possible. This is what the Skills Club and the Women's Legal Rights Club came together to share with the student body. And with that, the "Muay Thai Boxing 101" session was born!

The two clubs brought in some special guests to impart their knowledge to the students. The first was Wan Muhammad Rahmatullah, an alumnus of BAC who represented the college in Muay Thai competitions, and is now working as a trainer at BAC's MonsterFit gym. The next guest was Arif bin Azziruddin, a trainer at MonsterFit gym as well.

In the MonsterFit studio, students gathered, ready to learn Muay Thai techniques to aid them in their self-defence journey. The event started with an intense warm-up session, before being introduced to basic Muay Thai techniques.

Some of the techniques taught by Wan and Arif were the one-two punch, the elbow, the teep kick and the knee. They had the students pair-up for practice, to get used to the feel of each technique. Once they had a chance to practice and get the hang of each technique, Arif had the students face-off against each other to test their mastery of the techniques.

"Remember that these techniques are to help you escape and not overpower your opponent, and remember to constantly practice so these techniques will be ingrained in your muscle memory," said Wan, giving some final advice to the students.

This was an interesting lesson that will stick with the students especially when they really need it. It was a beneficial activity organised by the Skills Club and WLRC. If you are interested in some of the other things they do, you can visit their Instagram pages or click the button below to join!

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