Skills Club Debuts their New Tenure
with a Bang!

It's always a momentous occasion when a club starts their new tenure. 23rd February 2024 was one of those days for the Skills Club, as they conducted their Annual General Meeting, combined with a celebratory game night! This AGM is the first activity of the year for the Skills Club, and it showcased what the club would be offering students. The one place where you could unintentionally learn something while having a great time is the Skills Club.

The online session started off with a speech from the Club Advisor, Mr. Kumar Nagalingam. He encouraged members of the club to organise interesting activities and praised them for their past creativity. He also encouraged students to suport and join the activities organised by the Skills Club.

After Mr. Kumar's insightful speech, the committee introduced their past activities, giving students an idea of what Skills Club was all about. They also introduced themselves as a team and what they plan to do in the coming year, as well as benefits they plan to implement when one becomes a member.

Once the introduction to the club was done, they moved on to the games! Two games were played to ease the interaction between the committee and students: Among Us and Gartic Phone! These games not only gave a voice to the students who didn't usually speak up, it also helped them to understand each other.

This session was a great introduction to the Skills Club, especially for students who had never encountered this type of programme before. The interactive activities and engaging discussions helped to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all participants.

If you are interested in finding out more of what they do and how you can learn from them, check out their Instagram or click the button below!