Skills Club Presents: How to Make Your Hobbies Profitable

Learn slowly and build your skills. Don't expect to make large amounts on day one. You will build your way up. At the end of the day, as long as you fulfil your part of the work and have passion, you will succeed.
Luther Ong

These days, we're seeing a lot of people attempt to make money off their hobbies. Even our students are doing it, from selling baked goods via Instagram, to streaming games on Twitch. Do support them if you can!

Seeing as this is a growing phenomenon, the Skills Club thought "Hey, why don't we host a session to help others learn how to make their hobbies profitable too?" And thus, the idea was born.

The session was conducted by Mr. Luther Ong, a Kuching-born gamer and hobbyist who has been a leader in the hobby community for over 10 years. His drive and passion are what push him to promote the hobby scene.

Mr. Ong started off the session by introducing himself, what he is currently doing, and how he ended up with gaming as his main hobby which he profits from. He explained how he received backlash before it finally became acceptable.

From there, he moved on to sharing a few tips on how we can profit off our hobbies.

He explained that before we can earn money from it, we have to make the world aware of it.

"You need to tell people what makes your hobby special; why they should pay attention to it!" Mr. Ong explained.

We also need to find a unique selling point that sets us apart from others who are earning profits from the same hobby.

"Ask yourself how you can improve? How can you do this job better? You can even grill experts about it, get their take, get practical advice from them. They have a lot to teach."

The next step might be the most difficult one. You need to train and train and train! Your hobby will not become profitable if you do not put effort into it. Mr. Ong shared that sometimes you need to be willing to put in double or even triple the effort to be able to earn a profit. He, himself, had to put in a lot of effort before he was able to make a name for himself in the hobby community.

"Everyone starts off as ordinary. Take a look at Pewdiepie. His YouTube channel started off with minimal followers, but 10 years later, he is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world. That didn't happen overnight."

Last but not least, we have to implement a few things to maintain this profitability. First, we need to invest some of what we have earned back into our hobby, and the second is to be flexible while keeping your hobby sustainable. Mr. Ong ended the session by answering questions from the eager audience.

Skills Club will continue to conduct sessions geared on building life skills with practical tips. If you think you can learn something, join them for their next session!