SOCSO & BAC to Launch MYFutureJobs Virtual Centre

man and two women sitting beside brown wooden table close-up photography

SOCSO, together with the BAC Education Group, recently launched MYFutureJobs Virtual Centre (MFJ VC) on August 21st, 2021, via the website. 

This virtual centre aspires to support jobseekers with free careers, training and employment advice and assistance.  

The BAC Education Group’s Chairman, Raja Singham was delighted with the progress of the partnership between BAC and SOCSO as it will increase jobseeker employability. 

“We have a close relationship with SOCSO and have been working with them for a while. They have been working diligently to solve the high unemployment rates in the country, an admirable goal that aligns with ours.” 

“At BAC, we firmly believe in cross-sector collaborations that will promote employment and sustainable economic growth, enabling our nation to build back better,” he continued.

“Over the past year, we have launched several nation building initiatives, together with the public, government and private sectors, that aim to not only build a digital workforce by upskilling and reskilling Malaysians, but also facilitate the creation of new jobs and sustainable employment.”  

Raja went on to urge all employers to join the Jobs4All initiative as it is “our collective responsibility to help our country recover from this devastating pandemic. By reskilling and upskilling the existing workforce, generating new jobs, and holding on to our employees, we are boosting our economy as spending power increases in tandem with earnings.”  

BAC and SOCSO, through a strategic partnership, have been assiduously organizing various active labour market programmes including career fairs and employability programmes targeted to all categories of job seekers.  

In addition to these initiatives, they have also collaborated under the PENJANA 2.0 Hiring Incentives Programme where many unemployed Malaysians have been hired and undergone reskilling courses in various fields.  

This partnership has now been taken to the next level as a response to the increase in unemployment rising from the pandemic via this SOCSO MYFutureJobs Satellite Centre to improve accessibility to employment opportunities, for not only BAC students but also the community at large. 

With this in mind, the satellite centre, commencing with a virtual setup until the pandemic settles down, will include diverse services that are related to employment opportunities, training programmes and assistance with incentives and other enquiries. 

Services that will be made available through the satellite centre include: 

Career Advisory Services 

  • Profiling 
  • Readiness Assessment & Psychometric Assessments
  •  Individual Placement Support
  • Reskilling /Training recommendations 

 Graduate Empowerment Programs  

Monthly Programmes organized by SOCSO and BAC (Webinar / Physical)