SRC-UNIMY Raya Open House Celebration

A Feast for All

On May 8th, SRC and UNIMY came together to create an event to remember! A tantalising potluck of dishes was paired with an enlightening career harmony talk by Ms. Ernie Ezarra Bahari. This celebration was one to remember.

Beginning with the feast itself, the potluck was filled with a spread of delectable traditional Raya foods, each dish just bursting with flavour and soul, and each dish meticulously made by staff and students of UNIMY.

Career Harmony

The atmosphere of the event was filled with joy, laughter and community with one another, and the day was only further elevated with the Career Harmony talk that was given by Ms. Ernie Ezarra Bahari, who brought an insightful presentation that provided very valuable advice on achieving balance in your professional and personal lives.

The attendees were blessed and grateful to have such a strong presence give such an engaging talk on such an important topic, while also keeping it engaging, informative and motivating. Undoubtedly it left a long-lasting impression on all those who attended.

An Unforgettable Day, A Stronger Community Bond

The event was unforgettable and the success of it cannot be understated, and it's all thanks to the SRC members, led by Shadan, the Student Wellness & Support VP, as well as UNIMY. The hard work, dedication and time that was invested to organize the event will not be forgotten as the commitment of making this event a success was evident in every detail in the beautifully decorated venue.

The atmosphere was palpable, with students and staff coming together to celebrate Raya. The smiles, laughter, and camaraderie created a sense of unity and community spirit that truly made this event special. Everyone’s participation and positive energy were the heart and soul of the celebration.

For those who want to relive the magic of the SRC-UNIMY Raya Open House, head over to the UNIMY Official Facebook page. The full event album is available for viewing, filled with colorful captures of the day’s festivities. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share your favorite moments. Who knows, you might even spot yourself in one of the photos!