State-of-the-art Facilities

woman holding camera standing near people

You will be amazed by IACT’s conducive learning environment the moment you step in. Of course, IACT has all the necessary essentials such as fully-equipped lecture halls, cosy learning classrooms, student amenities that are prim and proper. However, take a closer look and you will find even more state-of-the art facilities all around not just for communications students but for all.

person using smartphone and laptop at the same time

Indeed, IACT is housed in a modern campus that features a dance studio, a health and fitness MonsterFit gym, a comprehensive library, well-equipped learning labs, a student resource centre, wi-fi cafes, photography/video production room, a sound studio and lots of comfort-learning spaces both indoor and outdoor. All these add to the fact that IACT is about nurturing creativity in mind, body and soul.

people meeting in room

As an IACT student you can rest assure that with these facilities your communications programme will allow you to experience a holistic learning journey that helps you develop good social skills.

This is a trait that will come instinctively with your media and communications education as this field is centred around people: interacting, listening, conversing and understanding people from all walks of life, and will certainly mould you with a social dexterity trait that will contribute to your career success. Hop on board IACT College right away!

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