Student Development

Aside from outstanding academic achievements, at UNIMY, we prioritise student development. Here are eight programmes that we offer to help bolster the holistic growth of our students.

1. Industry Advisory Board

Benchmarked against the best practices of top-notch, global digital technology institutions, UNIMY assures a high-quality standard of education, especially in our content and delivery. Our Industry Advisory Board (IAB), consisting of experts from the digital technology sphere, convenes periodically to review our programmes and provide recommendations for improvements.

2. World Industrial Network (WIN)

WIN is a programme developed to produce dynamic graduates equipped with all skills relevant to, and required by the industry. WIN aims to enhance the quality of UNIMY graduates by instilling strategic and futuristic thinking through specialised academics, exclusive experiential learning, and learning from inspiring industry experts and practitioners.

3. Internships

UNIMY offers a variety of internship programmes with our industry partners, to help our students gain exposure to real working environments. Our goal is to accelerate their development of relevant skills and abilities, that will complement the knowledge provided from our classrooms.

4. Mentorships

Our third year degree students will get the opportunity to be coached by renowned industry experts. These mentorship programmes allow our students to gain valuable insights into the field of their choice, while simultaneously building a professional network.

5. Field Trips

UNIMY hosts regular excursions for its students. Our aim is to give them a look behind the scenes of leading companies, as well as a view of how various aspects of the digital technology industry work in tandem, in real time.

6. Career Talks

We know how important it is for our students to learn from the best. That's why UNIMY regularly hosts career talks that provide valuable insights from industry experts, booming entrepreneurs, successful alumni, and many more.

7. Industry Projects

We offer our students the opportunity to work on Real Life Projects (RLP), with briefs that originate from actual tech giants and companies in the field of digital technology.

8. Apprenticeships

At UNIMY, we believe that the best way to learn is through practical experience. That's why we offer secure, paid work-experience programmes for our students while they pursue their higher education. With the added enhancement of having a practical understanding of their coursework, our graduates are easily capable of gaining the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the digital technology industry.