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It’s not all work!Everyone needs a little fun to keep things interesting.  Student events and clubs don’t just help break the ice among campus mates, they play a vital role in developing and honing latent soft skills, as well as bringing some much-needed life and colour to our student body! 

Forming a vibrant part of campus life and with numerous active clubs and societies in charge of fun events, there’s never a dull moment here @ BAC!  

BAC Engage

 BAC Engage hosts over 250 fun and exciting activities annually for you to choose from. These activities range from sports tournaments and fitness classes, to art workshops and cultural events. With such a wide variety, there is something for everyone to enjoy and participate in.

With over 30 clubs and societies to be a part of, there’s never a dull moment at college. 


Want to know what's going on and what to look out for?

Find all the latest news and inside track info on our events, student achievements and updates at BAC360, your one-stop portal for the latest news across the BAC Education Group. 

Student Spaces

 Need a place to hang out with your friends after class to study or work?

Enjoy one of our many Student Spaces across campus offering you a perfect blend of fun and function. 


At BAC, you’re BACked4Life because even after you’ve graduated, we will still support you every step of the way with our lifelong learning initiatives! We help you stay connected with your friends, teachers, and a worldwide network of BAC alumni!

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