Summer Liew - BAC Learn's 2023 Mascot Design Winner

A Talent for Art, A Passion for Law

Summer Liew is an aspiring young lawyer at Brickfields Asia College who has a knack for the creative side of things. Having been drawing her entire life, she has honed her artistic skills, but found that her passion led elsewhere.

Finding a home in law at Brickfields Asia College, Summer's love for art had not diminished but lay in wait for opportunistic moments to shine bright. Wanting to keep her creative as a side hobby while she was busy studying law, Summer realised the need to have a balance between her analytical, logical law side and her creative, expressive art side.

A Platform for More

Fun and creating something that meant something more to the students—that is what the E-Learning Mascot Creation 2023 contest was for.

It was more than just a contest; it was to bring to the forefront the great usefulness of the e-learning platform as a tool for students. Campaigning to incentivize them to use it to better equip themselves with tools that will aid not only in their education but their future careers as well.

With BAC being a school with logic and analytics at the forefront, the goal behind this contest was to bring out the creative side of students and to expand learning through a more creative medium.

Jumping at Opportunities

When the competition to create a mascot was introduced on BAC's student platform - LMS, Summer jumped at the opportunity fearlessly. Without any expectations of winning, Summer wanted to just express her artistic side again with this contest.

With the goal of balancing her life between law and art, Summer saw this as an opportunity to do just that. She went through a plethora of different prototype ideas of what her idea of the mascot should look like.

Facing many creative blocks, Summer heard a pun about surfing the internet from one of her friends, and that spurred a chain of thoughts that got her to the winning mascot idea of Bako Shark. From the idea starting with 'surfing the internet', to 'surfing at sea', to 'sea has sharks', and finally to the grand idea of 'shark surfing the internet to learn!'.

Bako The Shark

Knowing sharks to be smart, curious, and persistent, Summer wanted to bring those elements to the design of Bako, as well as being cheery and enthusiastic, which values learning.

Summer took the Graphic Design and Photoshop course on Coursera for free thanks to BAC, to help her generate new ideas. Coursera is an e-learning platform that BAC has partnered with to provide real certificates and courses for students to be better equipped for the future.

With Coursera, Summer overcame her creative blocks and got to work on bringing Bako Shark to life!

An Unexpected Win

Finally completing the design, Summer submitted her design and waited eagerly for news. The voters at BAC, viewed 18 different creative and brilliant artistic designs, and finally came across Summer's and were amazed. The colours were vibrant, and many fell in love with how adorable Bako Shark was.

After receiving the most votes, Summer was shocked and overjoyed with her win. Grateful for the prizes, Summer found a deeper satisfaction when she noticed that her art had been appreciated and recognised by people that she respected.

More than Just a Law Student

Summer hopes that her design will help fellow students see themselves in Bako Shark, and that this character will inspire people to have fun learning online.

A Modern Learning Experience

Contests like this aren't just to engage students in something creative; they're to highlight the significance of how useful e-learning platforms can be. With BAC's partnerships with LinkedIn Learning and Coursera, students can equip themselves for the future in many areas instead of just one.

Summer's story is evidence of how e-learning can be a useful tool, no matter what course you take. Despite being a law student, Summer Liew has developed her technical skills by mastering Photoshop through fully funded courses on Coursera, an e-learning platform funded by BAC Education, where students can freely access short courses to upskill and reskill.

Students, regardless of the course they are enrolled in, are capable of expanding beyond their analytical and logical sides to explore the more creative sides of their being. BAC, cultivates that. Its e-learning platforms will take your learning experience to a whole other level.

Learn it. Do it. Share it.