Tech Talk: Unlocking the Secrets
of Game Development

A Gathering of Industry Giants

On March 6th, BAC's Omnia Auditorium saw the gathering of industry professionals and tech enthusiasts for an incredible Tech Talk: Unlocking the Secrets of Game Development. A collaborative effort between UNIMY and IACT, the event brought a fusion of insights, innovations and commitments that promised to shape the digital entertainment space in Malaysia.

With BAC Education's Chief Future Officer, Mr. Raja Singham setting the stage for an exhilarating event with his charismatic opening remarks, the audience was hooked at what was to come. As BAC's Chief Technology Officer Mr. Thillai Raj T Ramanathan stepped onto stage as Moderator, the event turned out to become this wonderful melting pot of ideas of industry stalwarts sharing their ideas.

Mr. Muhammad Faris Abd Rahim of Todak Studios Sdn Bhd, Mr. Abdul Rafiq Abdullah from Qudwah Technology Sdn Bhd, Mr. Yee I-Van from MDEC and Mr. Ridzwan Azhar from Cool Code Sdn Bhd were among the notable individuals who graced the stage. Their perceptions, experiences, and ideas created a clear picture of how the game development industry is changing.

Even UNIMY's own, Dr. Juhanita Jiman brought her academic expertise to add great depth to all the discussions while also showcasing the plethora of possibilities and opportunities that students will be exposed to as they venture into this field. Her contributions are not to be understated, as she brought a vast amount of knowledge made the audience aware about the future of game development in Malaysia.

Excitement for the Future

The key moment undoubtedly, was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between UNIMY and IACT, represented by Prof. Ts. Dr. Salwani Mohd Daud and Mr. Timothy Chan respectively. Going beyond just mere formality; it symbolised a commitment to empower the next generation of game developers, open doors to new opportunities and solidify Malaysia's progress in becoming a key player in the industry.

A special thanks must be expressed to Ms. Najwa for her vibrant emceeing, keeping the energy high throughout the event and to the dedicated volunteers whose efforts made the event a success. The showcases at the event were equally impressive, from the innovative offerings of 3dots, Panasonic, and ASUSTek Computer Malaysia Sdn Bhd to the captivating performance by Soerengan Dance from SMA Muhammadiyah, Indonesia.

Overall, this event ended with hope, encouragement and excitement for the future of the game development industry in Malaysia, especially with this industry booming like it has in the past 10 years. Everyone is excited to see how the game development industry will be fostered into a new era in Malaysia with UNIMY being one of its leaders.