The Aputure Social Media Competition - Prize Giving Ceremony

October 4th, 2023

The Creative Art

The Aputure Social Media Competition offered IACT students the opportunity to use their acquired skillset and creativity to produce a short film to win great prizes.

Held at IACT itself, the ceremony honoured the hard dedication, hard work, and talent that the winners of the competition showcased.

The Organizers

Organised by the School of Media Production and in collaboration with Aputure Malaysia, 3Dots Distribution, the prize ceremony was definitely one to remember.

There were a total of 35 attendees for the event, including IACT students and lecturers, as well as representatives from 3Dots Distribution, Mr. Kelly Chuen (Aputure Regional Technical and Service Manager), Mr. Eugene Lee (Aputure, Marketing Manager), and Ms. Jess (Aputure, Executive Marketing).

Competitive Creativity

Students had the opportunity to really put their creativity and skillset to the test as they were challenged to produce short films based on the theme of Malaysian culture.

In the end, a total of 15 short films were submitted by students fro the Diploma in Mass Communication and Diploma in Broadcasting and Film programmes.

This Social Media Competition was the first competition organised by the School of Media Production in collaboration with Aputure Malaysia as their industry partners and sponsors. So, our students had a lot to prove.

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The Winners

The competition was held between May - July 2023 and the online voting process took place on Aputure's Facebook page in August. Out of the 15 short films submitted, only the three with the most likes would win.

The lucky grand prize went to Chloe Tan for her short film called "The Culture Mosaic" as she bagged the Aputure Amaran 1000D Lighting

The 1st runner-up wass Sonia Yee's "Malaysia Culture" and the 2nd runner-up was Benjamin Shawn's "Lepak"

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