The BAC Family Rings in the New Year

The BAC family celebrated Christmas and New Year with good food, friends and full of laughter on 12th January 2023.

At 5pm, staff from the different colleges and entities under the Group showed up at the BAC Performing Arts Centre (BACPAC), anticipating an exciting evening with performances and games.

Kicking off the evening, emcees Brandon Hon and K. Shubashini (fondly known as Sam) welcomed everyone to the event, and gave the crowd a sneak peek of what was in store for the evening!

Before the evening continued, BAC's very own Mr. Raja Singham, welcomed and thanked everyone for being there. He acknowledged the work of each and every member of the BAC family, the time and effort put in by the organising commitee and performers to make the event a festive one, and ended with a note to everyone to enjoy the event.

The first performance of the evening showcased the talented BAC Carolers, who sang a medley of Christmas carols, ranging from songs like Jingle Bells, to Joy to the World. Led by Ms. Jane Dava of Reliance College, the melodies of the carolers earned high praise and applaud from the audience.

The next performance came from a band of IACT lecturers, named 'The Brownies.' They sang a combination of Christmas themed songs like Wham's Last Christmas, the well-loved Dancing Queen by Abba and a rock number Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses, to the great delight of the audience.

As dinner time approached, the emcees announced that the holiday feast was ready! The food was served buffet-style featuring a fusion western spread of fried rice, pasta, lamb, roasted chicken, sweet sour fish fillets, potato wedges, thai mango sticky rice and cut fruits. If thatwasn't enough, there were also an array of cookies and tarts served indoors.

Once the audience had settled with dinner, the next performance began. A series of duets, performed by Shenoj Kuruvilla of BA C Engage and Alex of Reliance College then got he audience cheering for more.

The celebration kept going! Emcees Brandon and Sam then invited staff members born in January up front for a very special surprise – there was a birthday cake for them! The audience sang a resounding 'Happy Birthday' to all the January babies, much to their amusement.

Before the evening came to an end, a game testing participants' knowledge on the different entities of the BAC Education Group was introduced. Participants were shown a blurred logo, and they were asked to guess the entity it belonged to.

Although the end of the game marked the end of the evening, there were some who wanted to continue the fun! An impromptu karaoke session then commenced, where several staff members got to show off their hidden musical talents.

It was truly a memorable event, with bonding over music, food and games.

The emcee, Sam, had this to say: "It has been a long time since I have emceed so it was extremely fun to get back into the rhythm! I absolutely enjoyed all the performances, especially the band performance. They covered one of my favourite songs of all time, Sweet Child O' Mine. It was a great experience for me and I look forward to more fun events organised by BAC like this again!"

"The Christmas and New Year Celebration by BAC was awesome! It was really nice to work together with people from different departments – it really emphasised the spirit of togetherness. I had a great time watching the other performances as well, as everyone was so talented, and some real bops were performed! I’m really proud of the effort that the organisers and the emcees put into bringing this event to life, they did a wonderful job!" said Mika of the Content Team.