IACT's BA (HONS) Film Production Showcase

The BA (HONS) Film Production Showcase, organised by the School of Media Production at IACT, was an inaugural event that allowed students to showcase their creative works and filmmaking skills. learnt from the recent semester.

The screening featured films produced by students from first to final years, in the BA (Hons) Film Production (BFP) programme. Their works were based on knowledge they had gained from various modules. The modules included were Short Film Production, Filmmaking for Film Festivals, Factual Film, High-End Video Production, Documentary Production, and Advance Digital Fictional Film, ensuring a diverse range of films and storytelling approaches.

The event was held from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM, hosted by the BFP lecturers. Students presented introductions to their films, and shared their creative insights. It was a warm, casual gathering with an interactive atmosphere, that welcomed and encouraged meaningful discussions, and networking opportunities, amongst the participants.

The event built a platform creating valuable exposure for the budding filmmakers, allowing them to exhibit their skills, and dedication to filmmaking. In addition, the event celebrated the hard work and talent of the students, while highlighting the exceptional education provided by IACT College and the University of Sunderland.

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