The Balance Between
Lawyering and Lecturing

An Event by BAC Career Club

Exposing and introducing students to potential workplace environments has always been the goal of the BAC Career Club. This usually meant visiting law firms, having podcasts with lawyers and having talks about specific career paths. However, one specific career path that is not often explored is the path of lecturing.

With this in mind, the Club invited BAC's very own Mr. Pua Seng Yik to give a talk on the difference between the legal field and lecturing as well as his experience on balancing both at the same time. Mr. Pua is a partner at Rahmat Lim & Partners and teaches EU Law to UOL students. His practice areas include private mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and foreign investments.

Mr. Pua's talk covered the journey of a lawyer from pupillage to becoming a partner. He also shared his story on how he became a lecturer at his alma mater, our very own BAC. His main topic though was how he balances his time between his job at Rahmat Lim & Partners, and his time lecturing at BAC. He mentioned that he keeps a strict schedule which allows him time to spend with friends and family, and encouraged students to pursue their passion, regardless of whether it is in the legal field or elsewhere.

Students who attended also had a chance to ask questions, some of which included details about Mr. Pua's firm and the possibility of an internship there. They also asked about his role and responsibilities in the law firm and as a lecturer.

This event was an inspiring one for the students as they got a peek into what life as a lawyer looks like and tips on how they can get more exposure into the working world.

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