The Fundamentals of Digital Publishing, Podcasting
& Social Media

by IACT College

IACT College recently concluded the first series of its Professional Certificates - Professional Certificate in Social Media Trends & Marketing, Professional Certificate in Podcasting 101: Radio & Video and Professional Certificate in Digital Publishing.

These three courses, conducted online from 15th to 25 August via Microsoft Teams took 100 participants on a very informative 10-day learning journey.

The trainers engaged for these programmes were all experts in their respective fields. Imparting knowledge and sharing experiences with participants were:

- Faiz Ruslan (Katt)
Founder of Project K Agency, a strategic based social media marketing and branding agency

- Steven Bones A seasoned voice-over talent, streamer, YouTuber and comedian.

- Rachel Khiew
Editor of Asia Connects, a quarterly e-magazine for the SME industry, a multi-lingual author and translator.

IACT also had the privilege of partnering with Dattel, Lumix and Cilisos for these certificates.

Following the signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between IACT and Dattel, participants of the Professional Certificate in Social Media Trends & Marketing were given the opportunity to experience Dattel’s Voyager platform, enabling them to better understand data-driven consumer intelligence in consumer analytics.

Lumix on the other hand, loaned a Lumix G100 camera to the trainer of the Professional Certificate in Podcasting 101: Radio & Video.

On another note, participants who did the Professional Certificate in Digital Publishing were excited when UiHua Cheah, Editor-in-Chief of Cilisos took time out of his busy schedule to attend a few of the sessions. He shared about the secret of being a great writer, how to capture the attention of a digital audience and storytelling at Cilisos.

All three short courses conducted by IACT provedto be a huge hit and success, as we received positive feedback from the participants!

It was very informative, the worksheet provided by Katt, (trainer) was very relevant to subjects and topics that he was teaching in the class itself. The different frameworks were very helpful too.”
Edward Burt Wai Yee Sheen

“What I liked best about this workshop was getting first-hand knowledge from someone like Steven Bones who is a pioneer in this industry, and it is indeed a privilege to be able to learn from one of the industry's best.
Chuah Xin Loong

“The Q&A sessions and invited guests made it better as it provided additional insights and topics which broaden our views. These contributed to industry insights which were extremely helpful.”
Yong Kye Hsuen