The Launching Of
Menara BAC

In line with our concept of “Learn Different”, we believe in providing the best resources for our students to learn, play, work and create an impact, to help them better to become the best versions of themselves.

Our latest development aims to kick off the “Play” aspect of college life for our students- providing a space for leisure, recreation, and to serve as a home away from home.

BAC will be soon unveiling Menara BAC. This new place will not only feature facilities that were carefully planned and curated to enhance a student's learning journey, but will give a student the opportunity to grow and mature into a balanced, future-ready graduate.

While initially set to launch in December 2021, work on the building came to an unavoidable pause due to the COVID-19 outbreak and resultant MCO and CMCO. However, construction is now back on track, with Menara BAC’s official launch set for September 2022!

In addition to its stellar location, Menara BAC will also be equipped with the accoutrements necessary to any major college, including an increased residential capacity (with an additional 612 beds made available for residents), an auditorium, a banquet hall, lecture halls, classroomsand brand-new study spaces for students. But that’s not all!

Our future is tied to the health of the planet and its environment.

In line with our commitment to sustainable development, Menara BAC has been designed, and is built with green and sustainable features. This is a dominant feature throughout the building’s design, and encompasses multiple areas such as external design, energy and water efficiency workspaces, and an emphasis on a greener indoor environment.

Steps have been taken to harness renewable energy sources in the development and running of the building via solar photovoltaic panels, as well as rain-water harvest systems for landscape irrigation. The building itself is also constructed with green concrete- a form of cement which is more environmentally friendly than traditional cement. This led to the building receiving a Green RE Index “Gold” rating in recognition of its low environmental impact.

The building structure and design have also factored in the best possible way to minimise heat gain (reducing the overall cooling load requirement) without compromising on natural daylight and the external view of the occupants. Students in residence will get to enjoy the vista of PJ spread out before them – a glittering patchwork of shops and city lights.

It’s been a challenging two years for all of us. But as we begin to ease into a new way of life, we look forward to sharing this latest development with all of you. September can’t get here soon enough!