The Moving Walls... and what's next?


“The Moving Walls... and what's next?” session was organised by the International Faculty of IACT College on the 12th of October 2022. Students had the opportunity to attend a 2-hour session with Dr. Wong Lee Sa, Director at Università Telematica Pegaso, Italy. She is an educator and outdoor media enthusiast who has 15 years of teaching experience in higher learning institutions.

The session covered interesting facets of programmatic media, media buying and out-of-home media in 2022 and beyond. Dr. Lee Sa began by briefly explaining that out-of-home media or outdoor media is dynamic and reaches audiences outside of their homes. She added that outdoor media delivers different kinds of advertising messages at unique locations which have the best impact.  Out-of-home media is best used to capture moving audiences and usually used for longer periods of time to create a lasting impression on the public.  Outdoor advertising can become an iconic representation of a space and encourages word of mouth such as the Glico man advertisement in Osaka, Japan.

Dr. Lee Sa highlighted that technologies used by media owners such as Big Tree and JCDecaux include eye tracking, augmented reality, gamification, multi-screen connectivity and hologram. Advertisers can now think of creative ideas a lot better based on the data received from media owners. Dr. Lee Sa shared that billboards encourage talk- ability and has the potential to drive traffic to online advertising campaigns.

Dr. Lee Sa also spoke about commonly used software include SAARF in South Africa, MOVE GEOPATH in Australia, TAB in United States, Route in United Kingdom among others.  She also highlighted that there is a rise in the demand for anamorphic and 3D billboards such as the billboard located in KLCC Junction.

Before the end of the session, Dr. Lee Sa advised students to consider merging offline and online medias in advertising campaigns for their future assignments. Overall, we received encouraging feedback from the participants!