Trailblazing 7.0: UNIMY's Pinnacle Student-Led Event Continues to Redefine Education

The 7th Edition of Trailblazing

In 2017, the Student Representative Council (SRC) of UNIMY (University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering) introduced Trailblazing, a groundbreaking initiative that has since become a cornerstone of the university's commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Now in its 7th edition, Trailblazing stands as a testament to the university's dedication to providing students with real-world exposure to digital technology and industry insights.

Connecting Academia with Industry

Trailblazing, a student-to-student initiative, breaks traditional moulds by inviting industry leaders to share insights through LIVE! Talks. This dynamic learning platform goes beyond the confines of the classroom, offering students direct interaction with luminaries from prestigious organisations such as KPMG, Dell, and Celcom Axiata.

The recent edition, themed "AI: Navigating the Impact on Education," featured distinguished guests Dr. Hon Hock Woon (MIMOS), Prof. Dr. Nor Adnan Yahaya (UNIMY), and Dr. Lim Chern Loon (WISE AI), with alumnus Abdu Muhaimin Hashim (Dell Technologies) moderating.

So what is Trailblazing?

Well, it serves as a platform for students to gain real-world exposure to digital technology and industry updates.

It is no easy feat to organise a Trailblazing event. The meticulous planning took over two months by the SRC team, led by Project Leader Ezahar Guzman, which resulted in an event that attracted 122 attendees!

The event is one that the students and staff at UNIMY are incredibly proud of. Not only does it align with UNIMY's dedication to providing a holistic learning experience, but it also allows students to actively participate in organising, managing, and executing the event, gaining valuable experience in event management.

Evolution from Recognition to Immersive Forums

Over the years, Trailblazing has evolved from its initial focus on student recognition awards to encompass immersive forums and thought-provoking talks. The event now goes beyond celebrating achievements to serve as a launching pad for students' future endeavors. This is exemplified by the announcement of Overseas Internship Scholarships and scholar awards during previous editions.

A place to empower students for the future, Trailblazing continues to redefine the future of education, and UNIMY remains committed to empowering students with insights, connections, and a holistic learning experience.

The event symbolises the dedication and passion of the SRC team for elevating student experiences and connections in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Trailblazing 7.0 was an epic experience, embodying the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines UNIMY's commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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