UK Transfer Degree Programme (Media and Communication)



Year 1

Computer Graphics 

Designed to introduce you to the most basic design software used today, you will be taught to handle simple and basic computer design functions and applications. Practical and theoretical assignments will be given to increase knowledge of the software. 

Media & Cultural Studies 

This module will explore a range of concepts and approaches to a range of media forms including music, television, film and social media, and introduces students to key concepts. 

Media Ethics 

In this module, you will be taught the basic knowledge of regulations in Malaysia, enabling you to identify some of the legal boundaries of the industry. 

Media History 

This module encourages you to reflect upon the relationship between mass communication and the society. It will help you explore the impact of media content against consumer attitudes and behaviour, and will explore the evolution of media. 

New Media Studies 

New Media will introduce you to critical concepts and hands-on skills related to so-called “new social media” – which is a reconfiguration and re-contextualisation of older media such as film, television, graphic design and print publication. 


This module offers you a basic introduction to photography & digital imaging, covering a range of related topics from display design to basic knowledge on how to use a DSLR. 

Print Journalism 

This module covers news reporting, gathering newsworthy stories that abide by the standards, legal and moral ethics of the Constitution and journalism worldwide. 

Public Relations Practices 

Public relations is an aspect of media relations that is applicable to media outlets in the industry. In this module, you will learn brand building and marketing principles and techniques that can be used to promote film, print, and events amongst others.

New Media Studies 

New Media will introduce you to critical concepts and hands-on skills related to so-called “new social media” – which is a reconfiguration and re-contextualisation of older media such as film, television, graphic design and print publication. 

Research Methods 

This module introduces you to the importance of research in today’s world, and to help you think critically of the society around them. You will learn to articulate your thoughts, formulate the right questions to ask, and determine the most effective research method to answer questions about the world that you live in. 

Writing for the Media 

This is an introductory module where you are taught a broad range of writing techniques that are relevant and used in the media industry today. Both fiction and non-fiction writing methods will be taught. 

Year 2

Advertising and Marketing Communications 

This module synergistically blends the various marketing communications aspect (advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling and interactive marketing) to effectively promote a product, service or experience. You will be required to apply this knowledge together with the understanding of the processes involved in order to plan and develop a relevant advertising campaign with a supporting and consistent IMC campaign. 

Communication in a Globalised World 

This module explores cross cultural communication as a strategically important component in business, media studies and human communication in general. 

Creative Communication 

You will develop a critical viewpoint regarding the relationships formed by the visuals and their meanings. You will also learn to make the most effective use of visuals in media, with the goal of accurately and fairly communicating ideas and information to readers and viewers. 

Film Fundamentals 

This module focuses on how to be critical when watching a film and teaches you to notice and understand the subtle cues and meanings that is hidden within film aesthetic and cinematography. 

Online Marketing

At the heart of marketing lies the consumer and their marketing journey through the stages of awareness, intent, conversion and finally retention. In this module, you will learn how digital has revolutionized the interactions between firms and consumers along this journey. Digital and being online offers powerful tools to reach consumers along the funnel: online display ads raise awareness, search listings reach consumers with intent, e-commerce facilitate conversion, and social medial both energizes and retains customers. Digital marketing is distinguished by the 3 “I”s that firms must master: immediacy, incrementality, and intimacy.

Popular Culture 

The five areas of focus that is covered in this module are (1) cinema and television drama, (2) literature, (3) popular music and celebrity, (4) food, shopping and street culture, and (5) cyberculture and new media. 

Year 3

As per subjects offered by the university in the UK/Australia


Choose one track:

Track 1: Public Relations

Corporate Communication

In this elective module, you will study the internal and external aspects of corporate communication - employees, communities, finances and government PR.

PR Campaign and Strategies 

Designed to give you a step-by-step checklist of planning and implementing process of PR campaigns, this module emphasizes on building socially responsible relations rather than the communication campaigns. You will also be taught essential knowledge and cutting-edge tools needed to execute events that form part of the campaigns. 

Track 2: Journalism

Convergent Journalism 

This is an advanced level module where you will be exposed to dealing with writing for real clients. You will be expected to showcase your maturity and ability to produce publish-ready articles and understand the business, cultural and technological importance of media convergence useful for future employment. 

Publication Production 

This module will give you the experience in publication or editorial task which includes grid techniques, advance typography, image manipulation and designing multi-page documents. You will also learn to become more proficient in constructing page layout and designing skills. 

Track 3: Digital Video Production 


This module teaches you how to prepare and write various professional made-for-screen format scripts. 

Video Production 

This module introduces you to the procedures and techniques of video production. You will learn the technical practices and creative skills required to produce a video through practical workshop, supervised exercise, screening and discussion. In addition, the module teaches you how to use video equipment and employ the right techniques used in field productions. 

Track 4: Advertising and Marketing

Advertising Campaign Management 

This module introduces you to the business of advertising through the critical role of an account manager. It follows the logical progression of the account-planning task from start to finish, equipping you with the knowledge and practical know-how in order to be able to formulate an advertising campaign. 

Cross Cultural Studies for Marketing and Advertising 

This module provides you with an overview of different aspects of culture and its relationship with marketing and advertising strategies. 

Track 5: Digital Marketing

SEM and SEO 

This module will provide you with an overview on effective web marketing techniques which includes search engine marketing and search engine optimization. 

Digital Content Marketing 

This module reflects on the current interactive media prevalent in our society today especially pertaining to internet technology. 

*Subject to availability 


Appreciation of Ethics and Civilisation / Malay Communication 2 (International Students)

Appreciation of Ethics and Civilisation aims to provide a true understanding of the concept of ethical appreciation, especially in complying with the National Principles (Rukun Negara), government policies, unity efforts and national development. In this module, you will also be enlightened on Malaysian history before and after its independence, and efforts undertaken in building the nation's civilisation. Malay Communication 2 helps you communicate effectively in a formal/informal setting, building your confidence as you hone your interaction skills in the national language. 

National Language A / Academic Writing

National Language A will help you grasp the national language to effectively communicate, and express thoughts clearly and creatively through verbal and written communication. Academic Writing introduces the basics of English through writing, critical thinking skills and brainstorming. You will be exposed to means and methods of using English to write and communicate effectively.

Philosophy and Current Issues

This module covers the relation between philosophy, the National education Philosophy and the National Principles of Malaysia (Rukun Negara).

Malaysian Constitution and Society

This module sheds understanding on Malaysian constitution and society, from concepts, theories, and background of the constitution, which includes the concept of Federalism, the doctrine of power separation, the fundamental right to freedom, monarchial institutions, and the position of Islam and Bahasa Melayu. 

Serving Our Society (S.O.S)

Serving our Society (S.O.S) is a student-run society that supports both local and international community work. It discusses the concept of community engagement projects, preparation of proposal papers and effective project features, and provides an understanding and appreciation in implementing community engagement projects.